Ciel shoot~!

皆さんお疲れ様でした〜 m(__)m

Finally did a proper shoot from this version of Ciel (which I did for Brisbane Animania) just yesterday~!
I’m super grateful that Yee Long (BNN) commented on my thread on SGCafe and somewhat volunteered to help me shoot!
I had seen his work on SGCafe/ dA before and so I was really delighted that he wanted to work with me! (*3*)/

We planned for the shoot a while back and I was really freaking out when the date drew closer cause I was gaining weight and my face wasn’t in a good condition [pimples (T_T)]. Thank goodness for that facial the other day haha~ One day before the shoot, I went to steam my face and did my own DIY facial too haha.

Actually working with Yee Long made me more stressed than any other shoots HAHA.
It was because of all the pre-planning that went into it.
Not like it is a bad thing of course!

But for me, I’m the impromptu type haha.
I hardly plan anything unless I’m following a “story” or MV (Like venomania! Def planning a few scenes! haha)
So this was all new to me! Haha.
But I think it was a good experience, like talking about how the shots should be, what kinda feeling I would like to portray etc.!
Because I wasn’t really active in all these scene planning, I worried Yee Long before the shoot! Haha. I’m so sorry! m(__)m

Yee Long really amazed me with how much thought he puts in all his shots.
It was just incredible really! So I felt even more stress! Haha.

Ah Foo was also there and he took some great shots too! (*__*)
I saw a few on the camera and they looked great!

At the beginning, I think there were some bad shots of myself haha because I didn’t really grasp the “feel” yet.
But I saw 2 photos from the first half and it looked good! So phew!!!


Intially I was supposed to wake up at 8am, to prepare and go for lunch with my family.
Some Summer Palace restaurant my elder bro keeps raving on and on and on about (>_>);;
But I only slept at 6am and had bad cramps, so at 8am, I staggered out like a zombie to tell my mum to go on without me haha.

I then woke up at 11am to prepare for the 3pm shoot.
Slow traffic everywhere!
Even though the cab driver took a detour because of the jam, the areas were equally jammed, if not, worse. (=__=)
It was a moment of “so close yet so far (T___T)”


When I got there, we took the “tea time” setting first and it was great fun!
Even though I wasted a lot of cake (T___T)
Almost considered a sin for a carbo girl like me haha.

I started to feel a bit more at ease and in character.
Though I feel like I’m definitely running out of posing options HAHA.

The weather was actually quite okay for the rainy season, we seemed to be having!
It rained for a bit, then stopped, then again.. then stopped!
Odd! But thankfully we gotten a few shots~

Went to a nice swing too!
Where the photo below was taken~
It’s the exact same swing my late granny used to have!
Except hers was silver coloured haha.

Ahh what memories (T_T)
I must applaud the photographers for moving the swing !
Haha. Bloody heavy thing~!

I started to get a headache though (>_>);;
I have a pretty shitty left eye, and I get way dizzy without my right eye’s vision (>_>);;
Oh curse my fate (T_T) Haha.
So I’ve decided that I won’t cosplay Ciel anymore until muchhhh later in the year or something.
This whole dizzy spell thing is driving me nuts!
I’m going to move on to Alois! HAHAHA.

After the shoot we went to MOS~
Super funny just talking about photography and the hobby amongst other things (like Ah Foo is actually from QUT!! MY SENIOR! HAHA).

Also Yee Long does the FUNNIEST “pose-and-stare” thing EVERRRR!!


Hmmm ~
I’m actually quite pleased with the makeup for Ciel yesterday, if I must say so myself! Haha (.__.);;
Usually I’m never satisfied with my makeup, but I thought yesterday was not too bad despite it being a bit messy!
Too bad I’m not cossing you in a while, Ciel! (>_<);
Going to sell the set too (>_<)



I personally think every time you cosplay a character you should be constantly trying to improve yourself.

And I’m quite happy I went from:

Photo by: the amazing Ming Jie ~!



Photo by: the equally amazing Yee Long ~!

Looking at my past pictures of Ciel, I feel a bit embarrassed haha.
The pictures are def stunning though but it’s just my cosplay haha.
(“It’s not you, it’s me!!!”)

I hope I’ve given the character justice this time round (>_<);
That’s my only wish!

Working with Yee Long and Ah Foo is actually quite … “carefree” for me haha!
I don’t need to edit anything because they are all DI masters of awesome haha.
Though Yee Long doesn’t want to make me thinner in my photos :( HAHAHA. KIDDING.
I think if you are dead-on with your angles and when you direct your subject properly, you won’t have “fat-face” syndrome haha.

So because I had nothing to do, I decided to start working on my “watermark”~!
Going to churn out some cos-cards soon too only because I really want to give them out to “passer-by” photographers at events.
(Please pass me my photos coz I’m lazy to find them! :X)

Gawd, I haven’t used illustrator in AGES!
When I opened the software, I just stared at it like a gaping goldfish.
CKK would be sad his lessons went down the drain haha.

Yee Long kindly gave me some tips so I’m going to play around with the fonts tomorrow or something~
I wonder if I should add in “nariko” under “parfait prince” ://

Frankly, it’s just me but I sometimes feel weird when people in the doll hobby or cosplay hobby calls me “Geraldine” or “Geri”.
I don’t even know why!!! Haha!
I think my brain is stupid or something (>_>);

Ok this is getting really long, so that’s it!
Sorry this post seems like it’s all over the place!
My thoughts are everywhere tonight (@__@)

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