Mind blowing!

This song is just stuck in my head now plus pretty graphics!

HD version:

With Chinese and English subs:

Just wow.
CG work by Ikeda
Lyrics and song by Caz

If you have a nico account: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm12482719

All vocaloid vids should look like that! Haha.

I’m also looking at other vocaloid 3d art he has done using a software called Shade.
I wish he put some sort of blog or site on his nico vids/profile though (>_<)

Oh! Found it… it seems like he’s .. the software programmer/founder or something???
Anywho: http://shade.e-frontier.co.jp/gallery/seisaku/

Alamak, I just want the pretty images of the Vocaloid charas |||ORZ

刚刚看了IKEDA 的 Len 和 Rin 的图。
真的很想出 Len 的 cos!!

这是这么回事 (=___=)|||
我从第一次听vocaloid 到为止都没想过要出 Len 的cos。


一个cosser, 两个角色?

发疯了,发疯了 (T_T)

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