oh my 太陽餅!

Weimin organised a lovely gathering at a…. hmm, in Joson’s words, “鸟不会生蛋的地方“

Seletar airport, Sunset Grill!

What’s that!! I never heard!
Until I saw the menu about the chicken wings and spicyness level (>_>);; haha

Anyways Joson kindly picked me up from my place. HURRAH!
Coz walao eh, damn far from where I’m staying!

But while waiting… this ensued:

Oh my bunny (T_T)



I have to say goodbye to it, while it stays in the cupboard because of the stupid fengshui geomancer.
My mum will nag me to DEATH if I don’t.

Btw, the lashes I’m using is still EYEMAZING’s 02!
Seriously have to buy more of that~!!

Anyways I feel like a loser but at spicy level #3 of the buffalo wings.
I just wanted to stop eating anything! Haha.
Kept having to drink water. ACKS!

But it was certainly nice to just chill with friends!

We went to Jean’s house for inspection too. WAHHA.
Her room is so freaking neat !!!! IT PUTS MY ROOM TO SHAME.

In fact in my earlier pictures, you can see how messy my table is. (esp the first pic!!)
It’s stuffed full of magazines and wigs, cosplay items AND LOTS OF MAKEUP (@_@)
It’s everywhere (T_T)

My makeup pouch is stuffed full, I hate it :(
I have too many brushes now haha *facepalm*

Jean passed me my 太陽餅 that I requested!
Sobsob. What would I do without you Jean ! Haha.
10 packets of biscuits~! HURRAH!
Also passed her birthday and xmas gifts <3

Also my elder brother bought me 2 packs of caramel corn which I requested (so I can munch on something while I watch drama/anime/ RUNNING MAN!!) and Kels gave me a pressie too!


154 different colours of eyeshadow and lip gloss ! DDDD:
Def going to use for my cosplay makeup haha.

Thanks nuer ! Mummy loves you~!

Also got sent back home HURRAH for Joson and his aunt!
(Coz the car belongs to his aunt haha.)
Super nice car too! Haha!
Except the door is so heavy when I close the car’s door it shuts so loudly I got a bit worried/scared.

Speaking of scary…
I was wearing my fox tail today and when I sat in the car next to Joson.
The tail was resting on the handbreak.
When Joson turned to the handbreak as we were gonna stop to pump petrol,
he really shouted in terror “WHAT’S THAT?!!”

Hahahahaha! Fucking funny.
Coz I also chua tio then realised it was my tail.
hahahahahaha. Super duper funnyyyyyy~~

Can’t wait for the next time we meet <3

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