BTT passed!


I woke up [actually I didn’t really sleep (>_>);;] early to go for the test at 10.30~
My elder brother drove me there (=3=) and waited for me ! Yay!

The previous night we were all worried because I didn’t really study haha.
He tried to shut down the internet because all I did was surf the net and went on MSN (=_=)||
Lil brother gave me vote of confidence though! Waha.

The test was quite okay actually. I thought I would fail because I was unsure of some answers.
Turned out I’ve gotten a good score of 49/50 !
It also only took me less than 15mins to complete haha.

Luckily my elder brother didn’t drive home first.
Went to lunch after that~ My favourite soy bean stall was open! (*_*)
The auntie was there but she wasn’t ready!!

I haven’t eaten rojak in so long!! *pout* (T_____T)

Anyways, I’m going to sign up for the advanced one soon and also get my PDL~
Then sign up for driving lessons.
I really wish my elder bro would be here to support me but he has to go to Perth soon |||ORZ
We are now beginning talks with my mum HAHA.
Because I want to learn via the driving school! But she wouldn’t let me (>_>);;

I’ll be soon driving myself to cosplay conventions! WAHAHA.
What a dream!

Ahhhh~~Really sleepy now but I have to persist and not screw up my sleeping timing!
I’m going to get pocky and watch more Running Man episodes >( [ate caramel corn until I was bored (X_X);;]

Joong Ki is really… *dreamy sigh* (=3333333=)

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