meeting taichou~!

Somehow I woke up and was on time to meet my Taichou~!!
But I didn’t bring my camera |||ORZ

Also managed to send off a wig I sold~ (^-^)

We went to central to have lunch~
Can’t rmb the restaurant’s name but it was cheap lunch but really bad drinks!
How can you screw up iced lemon tea?
I don’t get it (.__.)

We also went to check out the docomo store.
You can’t buy any of the pretty phones there though (>_>);;
Unless you have a Japan address and service or something?
Means, I’ld have to get the iPhone 4 after all

Anyways we also exchanged birthday gifts~!
We are all December babies wahaha.

I got my first nendo!!

Kyaaaa~~ Azunyan <3

Thanks taichou~!! <333

I’m going to get the Ciel, Sebby and Masamune nendo soon!
When they are all in stock (>_<);;

I also went to get my FTT Q&A book *SIGH* !
The only best date is next Friday!!! Because all the feb dates look bad as I’m going to HK!

The textbook looks thick and complicated.
I’m kinda lazy to even open it! (>_>);;

I also bought this:

One of my fav childhood snacks~! :D
It’s more expensive than hello panda, but it tastes nicer (?!!)
Haha. I don’t know why, but I had a craving for this since last week haha.

I also bought pudding chocolate snacks for my younger brother but I REGRET DOING THAT!!
He kidnapped my stuffed elephant even though I told him 298492842 times not to (>_>);;
When I went into his room, it was on the floor (=__=)||

Anyways MBLAQ’s Cry has been in my head since yesterday~!!

I haven’t been supporting mblaq as of late (@_@)
In fact I’ve been very behind all the Kpop news because my fav news site is down!
I don’t like allkpop very much :// They have weird shit headlines (>_>):;

Ahh leader and Joonie~~ still my favs~!
Though G.O looks more charming recently haha.
I’m weird but I actually don’t really like their stage outfits.
Sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it’s not!
What’s with their stylist! >(

Anyways I’m really beyond sleepy now so I’m going to hug my elephant soft toy and go to bed soon.

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    Mayo said,

    I hope you weren’t feeling too tired today! And yeah no can has photos :( I tell myself that photos of us would have been far too awesome to exist by way of consolation haha.

    Thanks for the CD! <3
    Sebby and Ciel already released for some time btw :o

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