It’s “Korean” day!


Only with 1 hour of “sleep”, I made my way to Eunos MRT!
Then took a taxi to East Coast Parkway.

All for KOREAN BBQ BUFFET with my musuko~!!



I was so bloody tired, but after eating so much, I was awake again haha.

The service was quite good I think!
The waitress grilled everything for us~

I ate a lot of pork keke!

Went to stare at the pictures of Korean celebrities who visited the place too!
BEG, JGS, 2PM etc. I can’t recognise a lot of the other pictures though.
Too tired and my eyes were growing smaller by the minute!

After the BBQ, we went to Burger King to grab more drinks~
I also grabbed a crown for King Kym wahaha!


“Kym says: (11:41:39 PM)
Btw I am still wearing the crown
It feels so majestic I don’t feel like taking it off”

We then took off to Raffles Exchange to support Tony Moly’s new store~!!
Besides support Song Joong Ki, I was actually very interested in getting some skincare items because of my very bad skin right now!

The Raffles Exchange branch opened today and if you hit a certain limit in spendings, you get free goodies!
Kym and I shared the bill and we hit over SGD120 to get goodies and life-time membership!
So we split the goodies~
I got my Joong Ki poster (=3=) and she got the organiser filled with Joong Ki and BEG pics~

The membership was under my name but definitely sharing it with Kym of course!
One of the questions was “How did you know about Tony Moly?”
I just answered, “Song Joong Ki!”


But really, I did my homework on the products and I knew just what I wanted to get~!
So it’s not completely biased!

Musuko also gave me some Tony Moly items that her sister got for her in Korea!

The haul:

[Sorry I’m covering Narsha’s face haha]
1. 20pc cotton wool (from Kymmie!)
2. BB cream
3. Nail polish
4. Charcoal nose pack
5. Sample pack
6. Mask (From Kymmie!!)
7. Egg pore

The poster:

Not the best pic of SJK, but it’ll do!

I immediately went to try the egg pore blackhead gel when I got home,.
I have hideous blackheads on my nose. AND OMG. ITS AWESOME HAHA.
You have to massage for 3-5mins though.
I played Mblaq’s cry to judge the time hahaha~~!
Will write a proper review another time… when my blackheads are more obvious

Anyways there were many other nice things at TM!
The eyeshadow stick is superb!!
I also want to buy the icecream moisturiser and tomato brightening mask thingum (though it smells pretty funny :/ ) !
I’m getting these next time for sure !!

Ahhhh~~ What a great day~~~
We are going out to shop tomorrow for more stuff keke~~

The reason why I haven’t been blogging or sleeping right.. is because.. I’m enjoying being a hermit!
I was bored, and I ran out of anime and variety shows to watch….
So I turned to k-dramas DDDD: I really don’t like watching dramas much, coz I like to laugh, not cry!
Thus I love love variety shows haha.

I don’t like long-winded dramas at all.
So anything more than 24episodes, I won’t touch it at all! Haha.

I finished “My girlfriend is a gumiho” the other day!
MY GAWD. This drama was hell for me to watch.
I only watched it for No Min Woo/ Rose (ex-Trax).
He’s so hot!

I’m now finishing SungKyunKwan Scandal, featuring the very hot Yoo Ah In oppa and cutie pie Song Joong Ki oppa~!
It’s super niceeeeeeee!
Even though I really really really don’t like Micky.
Haha. My mind just filters him out. It’s quite amusing.

I also want to start on Secret garden (I watched a bit!), Pasta (for Rose again!) and the doctor drama SJK was in haha.


Ok I’m going back to my dramaland then to sleepland!

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