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After driving with psycho instructor, I went to grab lunch and other items.. .
When I got back, I was munching on my Zinger.. and the intercom rang!

The box was so incredibly huge..
Almost on par with DOD’s haha.

When you open it, the blue box was also bubble-wrapped !

But I removed the bubblewrap coz it was reflecting light and stuff…

Woo hoo!

I actually love the smell of resin haha.
I know it’s bad for health.
But woo hoo! Haha.
1 body and 3 heads!
The extra head (not part of my “collection”) will be my practice head haha (.__.);;

I think LUTS missed out something else and I’m going to post a message on their boards now :(
But I’m happy still that my twins are finally here!

My birthday’s in December and they took 2 months to arrive *death*

Katsuro and Kaito~
Kaya’s brothers <3

Still finding someone to do their faceup ! I’m thinking of sending them to Monni but she hasn’t contacted me back yet (T__T)

Practice head 8D

Ok that’s all!

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HOW TO: Clean your false eyelashes! LASH CARE!

After reading women’s weekly or something [I don’t remember, my mum brings back stacks of mags home (@_@)]
I saw that popular Taiwanese make-up “guru” has a make-up guide released in English~!

Because I’m not going to even try to decipher the different techniques in traditional chinese (@_@)
Anyways this guy is really popular!
He’s always on 女人我最大, teaching the female guests how to put on make-up that suits their skin, tips and what not!

Anyways why I’m posting this is because of a particular segment found in the book!

I initially wanted to share with everyone how to clean your lashes!
BUT ! Because of my laziness, it never happened haha.

So I’ll be borrowing the pictures [I have no scanner :( So I took photos ! haha] and listing down the tips!
Also I’ll be sharing my own tips on how to clean your falsies!!

I personally don’t do step 1 and 2 but here it is anyway:

o1: Using a pair of tweezers, pin down the lashes and brush them with a metal comb.
In the book it says that, “The tweezer and metal comb must be parrallel to each other. E.g not to have tweezer pin down the lash on left side and metal comb pin brush right side” -> YES I COPIED IT WORD FOR WORD. I had to read this sentence THREE times because the English was so bad! Also the book is FILLED with grammatical and spelling errors (@_@)

Anyways what it bascially means is that the tweezers and brush work TOGETHER. Whichever part of the lashes the metal comb brushes, the tweezer should be holding down on said portion.

o2: Clean the lashes with a spiral brush
I personally think that this step is only necessary if you apply mascara on your lashes. When you remove your makeup, the makeup remover would be on your falsies anyway, so to clean off the mascara residue, using the brush and makeup remover residue, just clean it by gentle brushing strokes~

o3: Using another pair of tweezers, pluck out glue residue from the lash rim.
It’s normal to find a lot of glue residue on the lash band/rim. What I do is I hold the lashes with my fingers and pluck the glue off GENTLY using the tweezers. Sometimes I get lazy and use my nails to just tug it off. DO NOT DO THAT unless you are very mild-mannered haha. I’m very… rough ? In dialect we say “chor lor”, which means something like rough and violent. So I usually ruin the lash band and the lashes (.__.);;

o4: Apply makeup remove on a cotton bud to clean the lash band
In fact … I actually do step 4 first before step 3 haha.
I don’t know, I’m weird like that! My “cleaning lashes” technique is all via trial and error and common sense as I couldn’t find any guide on how to take care of them (@_@) Glad to know I’m doing some things right! Haha.


Apparently this is what you do when you STILL can’t remove the adhesive sticking on the lashes.
You soak the lashes in makeup remover for a few minutes and only the rim/lash band.
(Though when you look at the picture, it looks like they just dump the whole thing in O_O)
Quote, “P.S : Air dry the fake lash”

Please DO NOT soak the whole lash in the makeup remover (@_@)
I did that before when I first started wearing lashes many years back..
The shape would be really deformed after haha.
I would suggest dipping the lash band into the makeup remover and physically hold the lashes and wait a while!

Personally, I gently rub makeup remover and use the cotton bud to wipe it more.
I hardly have to soak my lashes.

The makeup remover I HIGHLY recommend is :
BIORE’s  Cleansing Oil :

It’s fantastic!

You should always keep your lashes in their original casing, or in a lash casing (Like dolly wink’s etc)
Your lashes should be kept bent/ curved!

If you have lashes with a transparent lash band, even more so, you should keep them curved !
They are the easiest to go out of shape!
I’ll be posting soon abut why I hate transparent lash bands so much another day haha!
Please look out for it if you are a inner double eye-lidder like me haha.

I hope this helped some people with their lashes (^_^)

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PopSister March Trends

Preppy school socks ~
Hong Kong’s fashion closely follows Japanese trends and I’ve been seeing these socks too everywhere!
Knee-high, thigh high… I purchased 2 pairs because my old pair is in a real bad condition haha

Shoes with wedged heels and creepers are making a comeback !


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random random

This whole post is gonna be about random shit !
I randomly took pics with my iPhone :D
Love 5megapix camera. Don’t even bother using my P&S or Gintoki.

Anyways, I recently found myself in a Sentimental Circus obsession!
So cute!!!
So when I went to Hong Kong at some cute store, I purchased these:

Phone holder and lotsa mini notes.
I use notes A LOT coz I like to leave notes when I sell something. (sometimes anyway!)

And today… LOOK WHAT I SAW:

but it’s like SGD55?!
I also want that Rillakuma head, and it’s SGD30.
If Master was SGD30, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Decided to NOT buy both in the end (unless it was cheaper :D), coz my bed has NO more space.
Times like these, I miss Queen-sized bed in Aussie :(

Oh! Also the other day, I met a buyer and so went to Marsling, thought I should pop by my Aunt’s and Gran’s!

My nephew:

Freaking violent kid but OH SO CUTE.

Granny cooked dinner for me!
Yum yum! I never change… I just sniped the potatoes hhaa!



Oh and yesterday I packed my Ciel set for the buyer and realised I didn’t really take any pictures of my awesome hat haha:

I went around town in Brisbane trying to find all the ribbons!
Then went home to fix everything and resew everything~! And made different types of ribbon haha.
I’ve seen a lot of versions of Ciel in this and the hat is always wrong,
it pisses me off coz it’s so easy to do!!

Also I packed all the fake strawberries from Singapore to Brisbane haha.
I have lots of them coz I couldn’t decide which ones worked best (@_@)
The left overs I used for the shoot and it’s now sitting in one of my boxes somewhere (@_@)

Anyways, seriously was annoyed at the buyer :/
I had to wait 30mins for her and she couldnt even tell me to like “oh im going to be late pls walk around first! i’ll let u know when im reaching” kinda thing…
and it was more frustrating coz my lil bro tagged along with me.
It was supposed to be easy!
Go to cck -> bro to collect his ezlink card money and i top up my card ->  pass buyer stuff -> buy dinner -> go home

But I wasted all his time (>_<)
I really hate that feeling!
So I bought my lil bro dinner. He felt bad and bought me bubble tea haha. He’s all grown up !! (=3=)
Arghhhh gonna be on my blacklist for sure (>_<);;

Actually posted more cosplay stuff to sell but haven’t updated the page here at my blog yet (X_X);;
Also I finally sent Jiji a msg about a prop commission and msged someone who I think would be great if not perfect to collab with me on something!


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Purikura !



LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my friends agree to my random bouts of craziness.
Purikura.. in Singapore, has taken a dive down into “nobody cares” land. Haha.
Well, for my generation I think.

Haven’t taken one in ages!!!
It feels like ages actually. Haha.
The last time I took one was before going to Brisbane I think.
I dragged Kym into one haha.

This used to be the craze in primary and secondary school back in my days.
Everyone calls it “neo print” but the actual name is “purikura”.
“Neo print” is the NAME of one of these photo booths.

But for the sake of my non-crazed friends, I say “neo print” to describe what I want to do haha.
I saw a store in HK and they all agreed to take it with me keke!

(You can’t see it here, but we all had “tags” on our necks, courtesy by one nariko! Keke.
Mine says “child”, Steve’s one says “pet” and Jean’s is “Mama”. Steve wrote “meat girl” for me and “baka!” for jean. Haha)

I didn’t know, but the one we went to, automatically magnifies everyone’s eyes so we kinda look stupid HAHA.
I felt really old operating the machine… I was taking my time absorbing the different options, I didn’t notice the timer at all haha.

Oh well.

After taking the pic, Steve and I went to decorate it haha.

This is my favourite pic!:

The jacket’s new from Liz Lisa~ Keke~
Also rillakuma hair pins keke!

The words on our heads says:
jean: Cool girl!
me: I <3 rich [its an inside joke haha]
steve: good smile!

Also Jean has a “danger” sign, I have a “ageha/bad” sign and steve’s one says censored or smth hahaa!
Freaking hilarious~

I cannot tell you how much Jean and I laughed about this picture:

Steve looks like those cheesy gross uncles in those really cheesy and crappy photography portrait shots haha.
We laughed so hard (behind his back! ) hahaa then later told him about it and almost gotten strangled haha.

Musuko, we HAVE TO TAKE purikuras AGAIN when you’re back ok ?



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Liz Liza Eyes: Lower Lash review

Got this in Tokyo for a steal at the Harajuku Liz Lisa store !!
800+ yen !
They had some promo going on~!
Purchased this and another pair of upper lash falsies.

All under the cut~!
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Hong Kong baby!

So the past week, I went to Hong Kong with 2 awesome travel buds, Steve and Jean~!
The thing about traveling with friends is that you have to have a high tolerance for everything and amazing patience and understanding, if not, you’ll come back as enemies!

Steve and Jean were awesome to travel with! Had previous experience as we went to Melb though for like a few days and it honestly did not feel like a vacation haha.

One thing good was that we had about the same mindset for budgeting and all.
So I could choose the hotel we stayed in, comfortably !

The reason why we wanted to go to HK was to go to Disneyland there! (well, jean and i anyways!)
We wanted a night at the hotel, but upon further research, the hotel sucks. No mickey mouse things ANYWHERE (=_=)

So anyways!

On the first day, I was seriously zombified and so were Steve and Jean.
So we walked around a bit then went to the hotel early to get enough sleep for our long day tomorrow!

We went to lantau island the next day after having dimsum breakfast~
It was soooo misty and cold!

We had a vegetarian meal there too!
My very first full pledge vegetarian meal~
It was so delicious! (*_*)

We took a bus back and OMG. The ride was an absolute horror.
There was no space on the bus, so we stood up and took the 15 mins ride along windy roads.
I was doing okay at first but towards the end I really felt like I was going to throw up haha.
I stopped talking to Steve and repeatedly said prayers in my head to pull me through haha.

When we got off at the terminal, I had to sit down for a bit to calm down.

We then took the train to Disneyland!
I was determined to not be sick as I was going to find Mickey!

Was it the magic of Disney?
Coz I felt significantly better as soon as I saw a Mickey statue haha.
After purchasing tickets, we went in for a toilet break (courtesy of one Jean Chai!)

I decided that throwing up would be the best solution so I forced myself to throw up but thankfully only a little came out.

Downed water and popped lots of mints after that, so onwards to the magical world of Disney!!

I have tons of pics up on FaceBook. Too lazy to upload all of them here (>_<)
Honestly the place is really really small with limited rides.

The only thrilling ride was space mountain.
Which we took first.
Steve tricked Jean into saying yes, so I had to go on it too (=_=)
I knew it was going to be scary so I refused though Steve said it wasn’t.
I even asked the staff ! haha.
But when we finally got on the ride, Steve said yeah, this is the scariest, I was panicking a bit.

BUT AIYA. IT’S NOTHING ONE. Sibei no kick.

I thought it would be a mega huge indoor roller coaster.
but NOPE.

Though Jean was kinda freaking out so, Steve and I screamed with her to make it better haha.

We bought headbands too! Actually Steve did! We chose the headbands but he decided to purchase them for us in the end despite our protests!
Points for shushu! Haha.

We then went to take the other rides (there werent many !)
And we found an attraction where you can take pics with the mascots!

This pooh was HILARIOUSLY CUTE!!!
The wait for them to change shifts was worth it!
The new guy came in, twirling, spinning and everything!
Super cute!!

Took photos with Pluto and Mickey too.
Disappointed with Mickey! It was a girl inside and she was kinda short (like jean and my height!) haha.
Steve even looked bigger than Mickey.
Sadded max!!

We stayed for the fireworks .. which was also smaller than Japan’s or LA (obviously!!)
I was disappointed because there were no Mickey-shaped fireworks!!

It got super duper cold towards the night and as I was in shorts, I was seriously freezing! Haha.

The disneyland haul~ Had to stop myself from overspending!
I later went to the airport to buy even more stuff haha (.__.);;

The next few days, we just spent full-on SHOPPING and eating!!

With Jean at dim sum place~

With Steve waiting for Jean to come out of the toilet in our hotel room haha~

Recently, I really really like wearing my big specs haha.
Think I’m going to get more of them haha. (.___.);;

We went to seriously all the diff shopping malls we could go haha.
On the last day we had no where to go haha.

But on the last day we went back to Mong kok (to my dismay because that means I would be within the vicinity to get this pair of nike shoes i was eyeing !!)

But I was also thankful coz I saw Jill Stuart!

HURRAH! SGD177 worth. and so little products (T_T)
I’ll stick to Anna Sui until I earn lots of $$$ (T_T)

Went to get a pair of nike sneakers too:

In fact, Steve and Jean also purchased Nike sneakers haha.

We also took purikura!! So fucking funny haha.
I’ll post a pic of it another time when my mum scans it in for me tmr~

Also visited Liz Lisa stores in Hong Kong twice!! (X__X)
In the 2nd store, I spent about SGD200 on items. Acks.
Could have spent more but the handbag I wanted wasn’t perfect and it was the display piece :/

Oh well :/

Just realised there’s maison gilfy stores in HK too (=__=)||

Wanted to get a Kate Spade bag from their new collection but stopped self!
Also wanted a Westwood bag but it cost SGD4000 + and my mum would KILL ME. Haha.
Definitely need a job soon (T_T) Can’t get that bag outta my head (.__.);;

There were many interesting things that happened in HK but ah too tired/lazy to list them out!
I experienced many firsts there too haha.

First time I…:
1. Ate pig’s blood cube thing
2. Ate at a 大排档
3. Went to hongkong disneyland though I’ve been to HK many times!
4. Went into VW and didn’t purchase something I liked (T^T)
5. Went to avenue of stars
6. Ate a vegetarian meal
7. Went to see the big Buddha statue
8. Took the bus from lantau island
9. Seen so much mist
10. Ate chee cheong fun wrapped around youtiao
11. Ate at a Hong Kong cafe thing (cha chan teng?)
12. Took photos with disney mascots
13. Went to Mong Kok and didn’t spend like crazy
14. Went to HK and came back with so little shoes
15. Seen how unreasonable people can be! We almost got into a fight at a dimsum place

To explain number 16…
When we disembarked the plane and headed to immigration at T2.
We stopped at the escalator and gathered our things… I was frantically checking to see if my passport was okay.
I saw one of the airport staff leading some people to a gate.
I didn’t recognise any of them coz of all the shades and black attire they were wearing.

I decided it must be some star I didn’t recognise…
So I continued looking into my bag.
They walked past us to the gate then and we stepped onto the escalator.

There was seriously no screaming fans and I could have ran up to the celebrity to shake his hand or something.
So so so close! No one was around us!
It was just the 3 of us, the black attired people and one changi airport staff!

Then Steve kept saying it was Ft. Island as I was on the escalator.
I glanced back and saw someone skinny and his hair looked like Seunghyun’s and I freaked out.
The person directly behind the staff was decked out in bling and was mascular and big sized.
No one in FTI was like that!
So I was in denial but full of regret!

Posted on twitter and FB and thankfully someone said it wasn’t FTI but se7en!!!!
Made sense !

I wonder if he was disappointed that people didn’t recognise him.
Well, maybe if he didnt wear shades, I would!
And his backup dancers are seriously good looking! Hahaha! I was paying more attention to his backup dancers haha.

Felt instantly better after knowing I didn’t miss Seunghyun haha.
Jean and I kept blaming Steve for not stopping us in our tracks.
Instantly forgiven then!

But damn, should have taken a photo or asked for an autograph!
I thought it was some .. i don’t know, Hong Kong star or smth? *brain still in HK* haha.

Neways totally totally miss dim sum with them!!
Argh :(
They are all heading back to Brisbane soon (T_T)
Can’t wait for them to be back so we can all hang out again!
Maybe another trip? Haha.

I want to go on a trip with bestie too! (*_*)


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