The other day, I baked cookies for CNY~
Choc chip cookies (that looked really ugly so no pics!) and bunny butter cookies~~~

But because the choc chips were to ugly to give away, I decided to bake German cookies~  :

They are actually cuter, this batch was “decorated” by my lil brother.

I made 2 batches of these cause my lil bro kept eating them nonstop (>_>);;
He was very nice though and did whatever I told him to do haha.
So he helped me roll some and squish some with the fork keke.
As a reward, he got a full tray of cookies for himself~

I packed these for some friends (^_^) :

Regretted buying these boxes instead of the glass mini containers!
They fit so little cookies in them :(
But they look really cute though!

Today, I met some friends to talk about our pending trip to HK and for dinner and drinks~!
But first, I needed to purchase an iPhone 4 cover, for my new iPhone, Shiva~!
My elder bro kindly drove me all the way to somerset so I can change my faulty one (=__=)
So now that it was all new and awesome, I must protect it from dangers of this world! D<

Thankfully I didn’t take just any random cover!!
We went to Ion’s epicenter and OMG.

Obviously, I bought it!
I wanted the leather case one though but it was $99 (X_X);;;

I wonder if one day, I should take a photo of my westwood collection.
I’m not sure how many items I have amassed in these few years~ Hmmm~~

Anyways, I also bought a screen protector!
I went to ask the counter peeps to stick it for me!
Actually wanted to give up waiting but thank heavens I didnt!
Because there was a cutie doing it for me whahaha.
Totally MY STYLE somemore!!
But I get really shy and nervous around good looking people, so nothing happened even though we chatted for a while ||ORZ

Off to dinner at Itacho~~

Tamago with tobiko and corn~
I ordered this because I saw Korean egg rolls and I thought this was the closest I could get haha!

Awesome soft shell crab salad~~

I also ordered a serving of salmon sashimi~
Was really full after that so I stopped.

Anyways my friends said I gained weight (>_>);;
It was the first thing they said to me when they saw me.
Not even “hello” :(

Seriously, I conclude that all my good friends are assholes! hahahaha!
Look at Kym, Steve and Jean… (>_>);; All badmouths! Hahaa.

Anyways we had beer :D

Steve accidentally knocked mine over while pointing at smth haha.
So some spilled and it looked like he peed on the floor WAHA.

Anyways we had lotsa fun talking about random stuff ~
After drinking, Steve was kinda sick, so we went off~~~
Went to mcd’s with Kymmie to make her eat something before we went home~~

Kymmie also gave me CNY goodies from her awesome cousins and also chocolate and ferreror rocher chocolate I was craving~!
Thanks you~!

But also damn asshole sometimes HAHA.


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