CNY: Year of the boing~ Part II !

Woke up looking like a zombie due to little sleep.
Couldn’t even open my eyes when I took a shower/ wore my clothes. haha.
I had to force my eyes to open to put in my contacts.

Even though the look for the day was supposed to be a bit of grunge/slack style…
I was too tired to do anything.
Just slapped makeup on my face without doing it properly..
And was too lazy to do anything to my hair. Didn’t even put wax haha.
I was more than annoyed when I found out we could have gone out of the house later due to some mis-communication (=_=)

If I wasn’t doing something, I could have dozed off (@_@);;
Went to God-grandmother’s place and met family friends ~
I’m so sorry I seem so anti-social, but I really just wanted to sleep (@_@)

When we got back, I went to take a nap right away.
I don’t like it when people sit on my bed without bathing… so I don’t do that either.
Instead I took a nap in my elder bro’s room on the 2nd bed haha!
He was so annoyed haha.

I slept instantly !
Then woke up about 2 hours later coz other family friends were coming for tea and dinner~
Went out to greet them and we had tea, cake and cookies~

Later when another family came, we got out the yusheng~!
But it’s not the mountain one haha ~~


Then we had dinner and had so much fun talking about stuff haha.
Adults and kids just chilling.

The topics became really R-rated.
Dad, there are some things I DONT NEED TO KNOW.
My elder bro instantly jumped out of his chair and walked away when my dad mentioned.
I just curled into my chair and shrieked haha.

Random pics of my doggie:


Auntie gladys was talking about keeping a dog and she really liked something like mine haha.
I definitely recommend keeping a dog if you have the time and money~! (^_^)v

On the 3rd day, bros and I spent the day at home.
Towards the evening, we got bored so we went out to buy a game and for dinner~

We ended up in Lot1’s food junction ~
Surprisingly, food’s good there!!
We had hokkien mee, oyster egg, char kway teow and super yummeh porridge ~
Def will go back there again kekeke.

On the 4th day, we went to visit Auntie Liana’s for lunch~~



It was nice chatting and food was SO SO SO good~!! (*_*)
We also talked about owning a dog too haha.
Even though its the bunny year, it seems many people want a dog this year haha.

Anyways… I really am losing control infront of all the yummy cny goodies.
I just keep attacking them like no tomorrow.
Why do I love carbs so much ?! ||ORZ

So to make up for all the CNY damage, I’m going to start to diet and exercise more seriously~ !
Went swimming today and will probably run tomorrow.
Though the thought of running already gives me a major headache haha.
Will see how it goes~~~

Took a pic of azunyan on my shelves the other day~ :

Keke thanks again taichou~!

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