CNY: Year of the boing~!

If I could re-live 初一, I would be very happy haha~~!
Though the start of 初一 was a bit boring haha (.__.);;

I woke up late because I slept late (>_>);;
So didn’t do up my hair or anything.
Anyways we were just going to our aunt’s place~
For the first time in many years, I didn’t need to mix around awkwardly with the extended extended family haha.

So I went back home and sleepily continued watching Chef Kiss.
Finally closest cousins and aunt came over with my nephew in tow too :D
Went to entertain and slowly, more people came woohoo~

Just realised younger bro didn’t wear checks like my elder bro and I !
So extra haha!!

Played the PS3 with the lil bro, talked to aunts etc etc ~
They all raved about the german cookies I made haha~ I gave my aunt the recipe ~! (^_^)v
Then when it hit about 5, we went out to start the BBQ~
Keke ~~

I really don’t like cooking at the BBQ haha.
So I left it to my cousins…
I only helped bring in more stuff and helping to move stuff when the fire was dying haha.
I went to and fro from the apartment to the pit so many times, I hope I lost some weight haha!

Anyways on one of my faithful trips back, I spotted this:



Made by my favourite yijjong~~~~
(aka wilson kor and jame kor’s dad)

It would later become this wonderful masterpiece:


Sweet potato is ma fav keke~

Awesome duck dish …That I can never rmb its name, I just call it “grandma’s duck” hhaha!
Because my grandma doesn’t have the energy to make this dish, my cousin took over ~
This is 2 ducks in one pot! It’s so yum!!
We have this every cny~ keke~

Fruit tarts made by Leng yi~ (aka wilson kor and jame kor’s mum!)

More food~!

Took only a few photos coz I was lazy and hungry haha!!

With mum~

Halfway through preparing, I thought I should bring my dog out because he was being all frantic and confused with the number of people going in and out of the house.

So embarrassing this dog (>_>);;
Randomly barked at people giving one poor dude a scare and kept trying to attack the bigger sized golden retriever, that was sitting near the pit next door.
WTF is wrong with my dog (>_>);;

The golden retriever was so nice too! It was pretty old but always so calm and tamed.
Didn’t even flinch. In fact when I come out to scold my dog for barking like it was mad, I always see it, and it never barks back.

Is my dog irritated coz it was being ignored? hahah.
That would be damn funny haha.

Anyways we later made friends with the neighbours next door who were having a bbq at the pit next to us~
They are all really nice and happy people!! (^_^)
My dad later told me the next day, the neighbour’s brother had sons … who were single.. and he saw them, and my dad thought they were good looking too… then MY STUPID DAD BOH INTRO. |||ORZ
I was certain they were younger than me so I didn’t bother haha.
But no, I think one of them was older. FML.
Everyone scolded my dad because he didn’t grab the timing hahaa I said I saw him telling the uncle about weird stories and making huge hand gestures, my family friends all laughed and gave me an air high five hahaa!
Tsk, no sense man my oyaji… NO SENSE. Hahaha~~

Anyways my elder bro came out much later coz he was sick (>_<)
We kept walking back to check on him haha.
His friends came later at night and so did his GF~

After talking to my cousins and bonding.. —
OMG I finally talked more than 5 sentences to my very quiet cousin, James kor!
I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF (T_T) I gave myself a pat on the back hahaha!!

Anyways.. after everyone had to leave, I stayed with my bro and his friends to drink some beer and wine!
As with consumption of alcohol, my mouth starts to go loose and I was talking about all sorts of things!

I asked all of them to tell me what flavour agaragar this is~
My mum and I said lemon, 2 cousins said mango, 1 cousin said pineapple? 1 didn’t know and my maid said honey! hahaha!
It was a mixture of “I don’t know”, “it tastes like something… but .. i don’t know what” and “lemon barley!!!”
WTF haha.
Anyways I don’t know the answer too, coz I forgot to ask my aunt hahaa.

We decided to open yet another bottle of wine from flame hill~!
The dessert wine is the best though!!
Then the security guard came to ask us to leave haha.
I think we were laughing too loud?

When we went back I made all of them try my cookies haha!
Fucker hao was like “it’s bad it’s bad” but he went for a second cookie anyway.
I wish my legs were longer so when I kicked him then, it would actually hit (>_>);;
Everyone liked it though so yay!
They said “better than expected” with a surprised look on their face.
My baking skills are quite alright one ok!

Anyways they made me watch horror movies with them (T_T)

The descend 2 and REC 1 and REC 2!
Though I cheated and hid my face from the screen plus played games on my iPhone haha.
When we went on to REC, my lil bro joined us too~
And so my dog had to leave the room to make space :/

We tried moving him but my stupid dog almost bit hao and I.
(=__=) I wanted to disown him haha. Nah just kidding.
But I was kinda shocked he bared his fangs at me, and when I didn’t care, I just went to grab him anyway, and he grabbed my hand (=_=) Then he realised DDD: oh no! And was very apologetic after that.
It was like a moment of madness for him.

Maybe it was because hao kept doing weird things to him.

Lil bro and I plus my micky mouse hand to whack people with and to hide from gruesome monsters and infected people

Halfway through REC2, I felt like K.O-ing so I went to shower.
Luckily I left >( … I heard the other parts was really gross (to me anyway haha)

Because my elder brother was sleepy also, I accompanied him when he sent everyone back (@_@)
Gawd it was 4.30am when we got back and we had to wake up at around 8am later (@_@)
But I thought the night went really well~~
Wouldn’t trade it for anything!! Keke

Pics for 初二 another day~~
Look at what my parents wrote on our redpackets:

My parents are kinda cute in this way I guess??

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