Today I helped out my elder brother to do some errands before he left for australia ~
At night, we went to meet our parents for foodie~!

We went to fufil my cravings keke.
Recently, these few months I don’t seem to like pizza.
Which is very odd, coz normally I love pizza! Haha.
So anything Italian is out of question when it comes to choosing where to eat if I’m there hha.
But after watching Chef’s Kiss, omg i want to eat pasta!!! (*___*)
Especially after seeing the one Kevin and Kiseob made haha.

My elder brother always feels like Italian, so no arguments there.
Thankfully though we didn’t book days in advance, Pepperoni Pizzeria had a table for us!
Yay! Good timing too!

My elder bro’s pasta~ It was good but it was too spicy for me (T^T)

Interior of the place~
They had cute drawings everywhere~!


Carbonara !!!
Actually I don’t like carbonara very much, but I was craving for a creamy pasta and this is WOW.
But after eating calamari rings and one slice of pizza (didn’t take photo coz was too hungry haha) after half of it,
I felt like I was going to explode (@_@)

Elder bro and dad helped finish the rest keke~

There’s only less than 3 days left to my elder bro leaving :(
And 4 days to Kym’s :(
What a sad February it’s turning out to be for me :(

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