eve of departure :(

Met Kymmie at woodlands first just to hang out ~
Chatted a bit about everything here and there and bought her and myself snake 2011 fengshui books for fun haha.
It’s really interesting though wakaka.

Then towards the evening I went to cityhall to meet my bro and his friends for dinner.
We went to some coffee place to wait for the others first.

Everyone was late though, we went to Imperial Treasure and waited there.
Saw Soong Joong Ki posters at Tony Moly on the way! Hurhurhur!
We waited in the queue and looked at the menu for damn long then they decided, wtf, let’s go eat tonkatsu instead.

It was after 8pm by the then (TT___TT)
Super starving and my stomach let out a few grumbles haha (.__.)
Luckily no one heard 8D

The guys were all super funny as usual and Nigel, Hao and  I just kept going on and on about k-pop hahaha!
Nigel has same taste as me ! Yeah!

The tonkatsu is seriously WOW.
Best tonkatsu in Singapore. I’m serious!

Later we went to find a place to chill, so we went to starbucks.
Had to take a pic of them and my bro for the photobook I was going to give my bro~

So tadah!
While taking these, this friendly caucasian dude was trying to butt in the photo haha.
So funny but I’m sorry I only have 5 shots (T_T) I can’t waste any!!

Hao took my glasses and wore them.
My bro said he looked more intellectual than usual.
He got pissed naturally but he wore them for the shot anyway.

I got scolded by bro and hao coz I didn’t count haha.
When I took a pic of nigel and my bro next, Jared had to coach me hhahaha! Still told me, “don’t worry u’re doing great” HAHA WTF MAN.
I’m always doing great!

Throughout the WHOLE evening. Nigel kept going on about his awesome key idea.
It goes like this:
You give the girl a key necklace. and you say “Even though we are distances apart, you’ll still have the key to my heart”
WTF seriously. So cheesy!

Then my bro and his gf is supposed to do those cliche airport departure scenes, with the glass in between them.
Gawd so fucking cheesy! I had goosebumps!!

Andrena came later and had a gift with her and she passed it to my bro.
My asshole bro went “oh is this for me leaving.. or”
Then she looked a bit taken aback and went “oh uh whatever la”

The other guys and I kept nudging each other and doing eye signals and facepalming mentally.
We already told my bro that he should get smth for her for vday. She would expect it!
But he’s such an asshole so he didn’t.

My elder bro wins hands down. Worse bf ever (>_>);;
Def dragging him out to get a present for her before he leaves tmr.
Apparently it’s also, quote, nigel/hao, “my responsibility as a sister” (=_=)

Took cab back coz it hit midnight already and everyone had to go work early (>_<)
Spent more time talking about k-pop while queuing haha. Sorry lix, kor and andrena .. and sometimes jared haha.

Gonna miss all of us going out like that! :(

Got back home to finally work on the pressie of awesome! :

Went through horror doing it.
Don’t want to relive it so I won’t talk about it. (>_>);;

Throughout the whole thing I was crying and everything.
I just hope tomorrow night, I won’t cry like a fucking fountain (T__T)

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