best best besties

Went to the airport to send my bestie off  (T^T)/~~
Her cute cousins had to snap alot of pictures haha.

Gift and letter for kymmie~

Same height friend KEKE.

After greeting everyone, we went to secret recipe to sit down and have snacks~

Banana choc cake plus awesomely sweet iced lemon tea!

I’m going to miss times like these the most (T___T)
Da and ken came by later then we went to the departure gates.

I kept telling myself to not cry but when I saw her back as she walked to the passport checking areas, I almost cried :(
But for the sake of a hungry jacks meal and to laugh in Steve’s face (haha) I held back!

Anyways thanks Da for coming to send Kymmie off too! And Shushu for constantly texting me on whatsapp these 2 days to make sure I was ok / cheer me up etc (T_T)

On the way back, the feeling was a bit .. numb? Kinda in a daze (@__@)

I opened the letter Kymmie wrote, read a few lines and decided to read it later haha.
I was afraid I started crying like a baby haha.

Went to lot1 to get lil bro some supper then headed home.

When I got back home, I wanted to go into my elder bro’s room and whine but then I realised he was in Perth.
:( I went back to my room to read the letter then started crying.
Sigh, my elder bro and Kymmie were always the ones cheering me on and giving me their support no matter what.
It’s so heart breaking to see them go.
But I’m also happy that they can pursue their studies further :3
Please do well everyone and take care!

As I sat on my room floor crying, my doggie who I was hugging when I read the letter, placed his head on me.
Sometimes he would even lick my hands and use his paw to pat my thigh or hand.
So touching, I cried even more hahahaha!

I think he was also sad my elder bro left.
When I came back home the past 2 days, he was super super happy.
He doesn’t even run, he .. hops-run-hops haha.
I think he thought I was leaving overseas again, because it’s always the case when there’s luggage outside.

After crying till my falsies dropped out (HAHAHA), I decided to snap some pics of my dog coz he was just too cute!!
Also, because he knows I’m sad, he won’t look away.
He absolutely loathes pictures :(

And hurhur. I was right!
He didn’t flinch or look away~

My precious baby!

Dogs are really men’s best friend. (=3=)

My elder bro would be coming home soon for breaks so I’m thinking positively!
Kymmie would be back in December too. So I’m going to stop being a crybaby and toughen up!


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Baby Pickel said,

    Enjoyed the Saturday morning reading! Could I ever share a story with your site?

  2. 2

    Kym Lee said,

    Not December, November!! Wll be over before you know it so be strongggggg :D

    Love you!! Talk to you online soooooon <3333

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