happy vday~

From my charismatic boy, Takeshi~

Initially, I dressed Kayden up as he’s my resident heart breaker playboy..
But nothing seemed to be going well for Kayden haha. (>_>);;

Besides, Takeshi had his shoes on already! Keke.
Also dressed up Ayaka and Kumiko but decided to take pics of only Ayaka~
By the time I was done… it was so dark (T_T)


Going to sell some of their stuff they don’t need soon! Like after my twins arrive and settle in.
(x_X) Wigs and what not I don’t need are just going for sale!

I need $$$ to survive! Haha.
Kidding. But I do need $$$ for a larger female doll (^-^);;
I’m still waiting to rehome Roka, so I’m waiting for K-doll (@_@);;
For some reason I keep clicking into Little Monica’s website.


I hope when I’m back from Hong Kong, my twins would be in my room (T_T)
But I think that’s wishful thinking (>_>);;
Still, I can dream?

I already have 2 artistes in mind to send them off to but I’m still searching :3

Still have to go out tomorrow to bank in a cheque for my mum.

My granny’s super cute.
She called me today to make sure I’m all set for Hong Kong (I’m not actually)!
Thanks porpor!

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    Kawaii said,

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