Liz Liza Eyes: Lower Lash review

Got this in Tokyo for a steal at the Harajuku Liz Lisa store !!
800+ yen !
They had some promo going on~!
Purchased this and another pair of upper lash falsies.

All under the cut~!

This has to be my FAVOURITE lower lashes by far!
I cut them into half and used the longer half only.
They look so so natural!

You also can’t see the lash band at all~!
The design is good as the spacings between the strands of lashes are really natural~

I actually don’t like individual clumps of lashes, even though they look the most natural, because I’m very very lazy haha.
So this works wonders! Natural but all in one lash band ^^

The length is great too!
I hate it when lower lashes are abnormally long! Makes it look like spiders are coming out of your eyes. Haha.

These lashes provide an instant gyaru lower lash look.
You don’t need to try too hard to achieve it if you are dealing with lower falsies for the first time.

I liked these better than any of Dolly Wink’s lower falsies as they look more natural and are easy to put on!
Remember to use a pair of tweezers and ur fingers to adjust the position of your lashes!
I didn’t even bother to put mascara on my natural lower lashes and simply slipped these under my natural ones~

It was so natural looking, while removing my makeup, I totally forgot I had lower falsies on…
So I lost them in the sink (>_>);;

But thankfully it comes with another set!
Haven’t used the 2nd set yet because I’m treasuring it !! Haha.

Better close up:

With half of the lower lashes (I have small eyes and I was lazy to stick the other half ^^;;)


For all the pictures, the upper lashes I’m wearing is either D.U.P or diamond lash mixed with daiso lashes (^-^);;

I’m not sure if Liz Lisa still sells these lashes. I didn’t see them in Hong Kong (>_<)
I would have purchased like 5 more packs haha.

Overall : ✭✭✭✭✭ /5
Good for beginners !

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