Purikura !



LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my friends agree to my random bouts of craziness.
Purikura.. in Singapore, has taken a dive down into “nobody cares” land. Haha.
Well, for my generation I think.

Haven’t taken one in ages!!!
It feels like ages actually. Haha.
The last time I took one was before going to Brisbane I think.
I dragged Kym into one haha.

This used to be the craze in primary and secondary school back in my days.
Everyone calls it “neo print” but the actual name is “purikura”.
“Neo print” is the NAME of one of these photo booths.

But for the sake of my non-crazed friends, I say “neo print” to describe what I want to do haha.
I saw a store in HK and they all agreed to take it with me keke!

(You can’t see it here, but we all had “tags” on our necks, courtesy by one nariko! Keke.
Mine says “child”, Steve’s one says “pet” and Jean’s is “Mama”. Steve wrote “meat girl” for me and “baka!” for jean. Haha)

I didn’t know, but the one we went to, automatically magnifies everyone’s eyes so we kinda look stupid HAHA.
I felt really old operating the machine… I was taking my time absorbing the different options, I didn’t notice the timer at all haha.

Oh well.

After taking the pic, Steve and I went to decorate it haha.

This is my favourite pic!:

The jacket’s new from Liz Lisa~ Keke~
Also rillakuma hair pins keke!

The words on our heads says:
jean: Cool girl!
me: I <3 rich [its an inside joke haha]
steve: good smile!

Also Jean has a “danger” sign, I have a “ageha/bad” sign and steve’s one says censored or smth hahaa!
Freaking hilarious~

I cannot tell you how much Jean and I laughed about this picture:

Steve looks like those cheesy gross uncles in those really cheesy and crappy photography portrait shots haha.
We laughed so hard (behind his back! ) hahaa then later told him about it and almost gotten strangled haha.

Musuko, we HAVE TO TAKE purikuras AGAIN when you’re back ok ?



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