random random

This whole post is gonna be about random shit !
I randomly took pics with my iPhone :D
Love 5megapix camera. Don’t even bother using my P&S or Gintoki.

Anyways, I recently found myself in a Sentimental Circus obsession!
So cute!!!
So when I went to Hong Kong at some cute store, I purchased these:

Phone holder and lotsa mini notes.
I use notes A LOT coz I like to leave notes when I sell something. (sometimes anyway!)

And today… LOOK WHAT I SAW:

but it’s like SGD55?!
I also want that Rillakuma head, and it’s SGD30.
If Master was SGD30, I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Decided to NOT buy both in the end (unless it was cheaper :D), coz my bed has NO more space.
Times like these, I miss Queen-sized bed in Aussie :(

Oh! Also the other day, I met a buyer and so went to Marsling, thought I should pop by my Aunt’s and Gran’s!

My nephew:

Freaking violent kid but OH SO CUTE.

Granny cooked dinner for me!
Yum yum! I never change… I just sniped the potatoes hhaa!



Oh and yesterday I packed my Ciel set for the buyer and realised I didn’t really take any pictures of my awesome hat haha:

I went around town in Brisbane trying to find all the ribbons!
Then went home to fix everything and resew everything~! And made different types of ribbon haha.
I’ve seen a lot of versions of Ciel in this and the hat is always wrong,
it pisses me off coz it’s so easy to do!!

Also I packed all the fake strawberries from Singapore to Brisbane haha.
I have lots of them coz I couldn’t decide which ones worked best (@_@)
The left overs I used for the shoot and it’s now sitting in one of my boxes somewhere (@_@)

Anyways, seriously was annoyed at the buyer :/
I had to wait 30mins for her and she couldnt even tell me to like “oh im going to be late pls walk around first! i’ll let u know when im reaching” kinda thing…
and it was more frustrating coz my lil bro tagged along with me.
It was supposed to be easy!
Go to cck -> bro to collect his ezlink card money and i top up my card ->  pass buyer stuff -> buy dinner -> go home

But I wasted all his time (>_<)
I really hate that feeling!
So I bought my lil bro dinner. He felt bad and bought me bubble tea haha. He’s all grown up !! (=3=)
Arghhhh gonna be on my blacklist for sure (>_<);;

Actually posted more cosplay stuff to sell but haven’t updated the page here at my blog yet (X_X);;
Also I finally sent Jiji a msg about a prop commission and msged someone who I think would be great if not perfect to collab with me on something!


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