After driving with psycho instructor, I went to grab lunch and other items.. .
When I got back, I was munching on my Zinger.. and the intercom rang!

The box was so incredibly huge..
Almost on par with DOD’s haha.

When you open it, the blue box was also bubble-wrapped !

But I removed the bubblewrap coz it was reflecting light and stuff…

Woo hoo!

I actually love the smell of resin haha.
I know it’s bad for health.
But woo hoo! Haha.
1 body and 3 heads!
The extra head (not part of my “collection”) will be my practice head haha (.__.);;

I think LUTS missed out something else and I’m going to post a message on their boards now :(
But I’m happy still that my twins are finally here!

My birthday’s in December and they took 2 months to arrive *death*

Katsuro and Kaito~
Kaya’s brothers <3

Still finding someone to do their faceup ! I’m thinking of sending them to Monni but she hasn’t contacted me back yet (T__T)

Practice head 8D

Ok that’s all!

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