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{夢の masqueradE} opens!

Finally! It’s open!

Hikaru, who is usually my main model pulled a “diva Kaya” act on me.
I reckon it’s because I’ve neglected him.
In fact when I took him out, Kaya was next to him..
I should just isolate Kaya haha.

I had muchhhhh better luck with Kayden for some reason.
When he’s not being a dork, the boy can work it! D:

In fact I took 4 different pictures of Kayden for this one (*___*)

It’s funny because the pieces with roses were to be modeled by Hikaru…
Coz he’s has a “girly” vibe… but Hikaru just killed my brain that day haha.

I seriously love Kayden (=3=)
He’s one of the dolls I would never ever sell haha.

Kumiko was being naughty too (=_=)|| I didnt like ANY photos of her.
But I have no choice, I’m too lazy to re-take haha (>_>);;

You can find all these pieces and more at:
– Den of Angels –

I tried wiring Kayden today.. and I found out I found the wrong size of wire!
I feel stupid because I was looking at both wires and decided on the thinner one…
It doesn’t work if it’s too thin! ORZ

Going to get the right type of wire soon so I can wire all of them !

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Busy busy busy!

Even though I only have a few days left, I find that I’m bored to death at home hahaa.
So today after picking up my cosplay item… and receiving much trauma, I went to get materials for my shoppe~~

Previously I called it {NightmarE CarnivaL}, but I’m going to change it !
This is because recently my style has changed haha.
I used to make lots of punkish items? But I’m not 100% into punk/ visual kei already~
The new store and items will debut tomorrow! (If nothing goes wrong!)

In fact I have so many girly stuff it’s crazy.
I don’t even have a SD-sized girl yet D8

When I look at the stuff I bought, (over $60!!!), very few of them seems it’s for boys haha.
It’s quite sad!
And because I have a tiny now, there are accessories for tinies now! (^3^)/

Work station after I  cleared most of the trash + packed all the jewellery parts:

I’ve been blasting namie amuro nonstop the whole of today!
When shopping, when doing accessories haha.
The speaker kym bought me is useful ! Haha.

Dolls are there to make adjustments to the different pieces.
Actually Kayden and Roka used to be my models when I’m working, because of their look, but I sold Roka’s old mold (T_T) so… :( I’m waiting for K-doll to release Karen so I can bring Roka back (T^T)

Anyways, here’s Kayden modeling one of my fav pieces!:

I realise you can’t see any detail of the necklace hahaha!
Gonna keep one piece for my boys !
Sales picture would be modeled by Hikaru instead haha.
My only girlish sweet boy??
Kaya is a slut . not counted.

Personal piece for Kumiko~
There’s actually a pink crystal there.
I was really tired when I took all the pics haha.
These will be mostly for SD-sized. Don’t particularly like it on a tiny~ :/

Anyways I spent a lot of time just staring at the pieces thinking about how to pair them with other things (>_>);;
Worked from 6-11.30! (X_x) And made about 20ish necklaces~

When I finally went to use the com… I found that Monni finished with my twins and posted pics up!
Because I’m always not online on MSN, Plurk is an awesome place for us to chat haha.

PHOTO: Monni (=3=)

Katsuro and Kaito haha.
She said Katsuro gave her a lot of probs haha.
As expected of him !
He’s in character! Haha.

Anyways I have not decided on the hair colour for both my twins..
It’s more of a… “see what fits” thing haha.
But Kaito should be using the red wine wig  that i’ve kept for ages!!
And Katsuro should be in black (I reckon) or I have 2 leekeworld brown wigs that Kayden doesn’t like (=_=)|| that he can use~
I would LOVE it if they settled on a colour quickly~ If not my wallet would cry trying to find the perfect wig (X_x);;

Shall end this post with a pic of my doggie:

He hates taking pics and I had to sneak up on him to snap this.
Couldn’t use flash either coz he will know and change positions!!
As soon as I snapped it, he woke up *fail*

But omg i love it when he sleeps like this hhee.
Or rather, when he puts his paws on his face.

KAWAIII (=3333=)
Recently I’m on bad terms with my dog (?!!!!!)
He’s been really naughty and I got fed up and decided to ignore him for 2 days..
He didn’t take that too well haha.
It’s a cold war between us now! (Kidding!)
But I do feel a bit distant from him now :(
Even though he still happily walks to me when I call him…
Maybe I was too harsh :/  Or I’m thinking too much haha.

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oh yeah!

Feeling much better these days, but everytime I drink my cough syrup, I feel whoozy!
And sometimes weak (@__@)
I get a slight headache too (=__=)||

Doesn’t mean I can sleep though! It’s weird!!
Anyways on Sunday, I went out with my parents and lil bro to get him poly clothes and get work-clothing for myself.

Still sick! So not a lot of makeup (@_@)

With lil bro~~

In the end, I…well, ok my mum actually, only purchased a nice blazer from Bershka for me~
Mum spent more on my lil bro coz he desperately needed it hahaa!

We went for dim sum and peking duck at Old HongKong too!
It’s fast becoming my favourite dimsum place already keke~

I could taste better that day and was so thankful! (*__*)
On other days, I can’t taste much (T_T)
When I ate prata the other day, it just felt like eating foam boards (not that i have eaten any though!)

So as you know, I’ve been shopping online for work clothes rather than offline coz omg the styles in Singapore = terribad!
(terribly bad!)

Also purchased stuff from yumetenbo and they all came today!
I was so blur and stared at the box in my room.. like what on earth did I buy?
It can’t be that my rosenlied doll is here already (@_@);; hhaahaha.

Totally forgot!!
Even forgot what I bought (.__.)||

Online shopping stash so far (not all for work!) :

MINUS the awesome shoes from yumetenbo (mary rose) x Kumiko collaboration.

I tried it and it fits so well and it’s so very comfy!!
I seriously hope they restock! I must get the red, caramel (well maybe!) and black ones  ! *greedy*

My mum also adored the shoes!
But didn’t fall into my trap of “yeah but it was so ex T_T” act hahaa.

My bank account is crying seriously.
I don’t think the first month of pay can even cover my expenses haha.
I forgot to look at it after CPF and kept thinking I should have lots of money hahaa.

Im waiting to buy my crew lots of oriental wear and also some furniture !
So I have photos that dont look stupid with the awful couch again haha!
I think everyone in the doll community who has seen my pics, probably knows roughly how the apartment looks like because of all my pics haha.

I also need to send my girls for faceups!
Really hoping to get slots for them ~! (>w<)

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I’m on 6 different types of medication to keep my tonsils and nose in check.
out of which I think 3 of them makes me drowsy.. .

Though that being said, I can’t sleep still coz of my itchy tonsils.

I gave up trying to sleep on the bed in my gran’s last night and sadly started the antibiotics course :(

I guess staying up till 3am to play mahjong didnt help haha …
But I couldnt sleep either x_X;;


Anyways my fever has come down, but my cold is still on-going thus making me cough also =_=||
But my jaws have stopped hurting and my throat lost that “clenched” up feeling though I can’t taste anything and eating biscutis feels like sandpaper rubbing against my throat T^T

Sad life sad life.

But in my drugged whooozy state, I managed to meet the Chika buyer~
So goodbye my dear T_T
We didnt last long and I was actually upset when I was packing her >_<

I just placed an order for my rosenlied beige.
On top of her (with no makeup), I ordered a limited dress:
and a wig:

^ wanted the blonde one but it was sold out!!
This colour has its charm though. Im hoping it works out!

Forgot to order glass eyes =_=
but i guess i’ll order from someone else then!

Going to wait for faceup slots to open and i’ll be sending my glot to be re-done and then my beige <3

Ok I thnk i better try to sleep again (T_T)
Good night!

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So fucking sick coz of my lil bro.
He totally passed it to me last night.



Ok wait, don’t answer that.

Anyways I had to drag myself up to go sign agreement, send out mail, buy cosplay stuff and collect cosplay stuff.
Post for cordiiii and my new hairstyle…

So short so short!
Excuse my dog’s ass.

Anyways, I’m super thankful whatever I prayed for, I received~ <3
Cosplay costumes are all fine except my gakupo one srsly reminds me of a brinjal and all that chocolate eating makes the pants a bit tight hahaa.
Shit. Gonna work it off soon.

Anyways so tired, so im gonna find more meds and K.O soon~

LONGGGGGG day tmr (X_X);;


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so freaking tired

so….. i went to cut my hair today and rebond and whatever…
shit man. the amount he chopped off is seriously scary because my ends are all “dead hair” anyways.

I guess it’s kinda chic…. and more.. mature…. kinda… but the length omg.
I hope i get used to it :(
My heartzzz..

Anyways I got back home and was determined to find my certs.
AND WTF I can’t find my ngee ann cert AT ALL.
Can’t even rmb how it looks like and kymmie had to send me a pic and i went to google it also.
Don’t recall the cert at all.

And while finding it, I decided to clean up my room somemore and also my magazine collection.

The number of KERAs and Jrock magazines i have = scary.
My back hurts from just picking them up and moving them from point A to B.
Took tons of photos of photocards, postcards, magazines and what not coz I’m planning to sell all of them away (if anyone still wants them)
Sorry my gazemen (T_T);;

But right now, too tired to move!
So I haven’t found my cert and my back hurts like a bitch.

I hope I find it before I sleep later. ORZ

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rosenlied ~~~~~

I wish to have rosenlied army! (T^T)
I’m giving up waiting for the limiteds, so I’ve decided to purchase the basics and send them for custom faceups instead!

That being said, my Volks Chika is now on sale on DoA (.__.);;

In her place, I’ll be purchasing a basic beige~

(This is a limited one though~ But ooo so pretty~)

From then, I hope I’ll get :
– Sage (B)
– Poppy (B)
– Clover (G)

Yes~~ A rosenlied army would be good (*___*)

Still on a lookout for a large sized female doll but I think it would be nice to concentrate on my tinies first, so much easier to bring them out for meets and whatnot!

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