HOW TO: Make double lashes + MELLIESH 01 review

This post is a review for Melliesh, Dorru (DOLL) 01 type lashes, produced by POPTEEN/POPSISTER model, Yui~!
And this post will also show you how to make double lashes (or more!)
I will also to show you why inner/hidden double eyelidders should AVOID transparent band lashes
UNLESS you are going to use eyelid glue or stickers~!

All under the cut (^_^)


Melliesh lashes

Firstly, this is how it should look like! :

And here’s how adorable Yui looks with them!

Also a close up on the lashes.

You will soon find that with my annoying hidden double eye lids, it looks NOTHING like in the pictures!

Melliesh 01 lashes come with a transparent lash band.
This means for normal double eye lidders, this would make it look really natural, thus giving you a cute doll look!
For those with hidden double eyelids, this only spells trouble (as in troublesome!)

Because the lash band is transparent, this makes it flimsy.
You have to be extra careful when you clean and store your lashes.

2 sets of lashes cost 945YEN.
There are instructions pictures as to how to put lashes, if you are a beginner ~
There is no glue included in the pack unlike other brands.
It’s definitely much cheaper than other brands such as dolly wink.
But they have limited designs :/

The lash fibres look quite unnatural and very plastic.
Because it’s design point is that it’s sparse and groups lashes in a 3- 1- 3 – 1 pattern, it doesn’t give any volume.

✦ Yui!!!
✦ Good for length

✦ Looks really plastic / unnatural
✦ No volumising effect
✦ Weak lash band
✦ More care must be taken when cleaning
Overall: ✭/5
NOT for beginners at all

Tthere’s really nothing much I can actually say for the lashes.
I don’t particularly like them as much!

Here’s how it looks on me, I have hidden double eyelids, so weak or transparent bands are really bad for me coz they don’t push my eyelids up to make a natural double eyelid line :

…I don’t even… D:

Next, let me show you how stronger/ non-transparent bands look:

This is with NO double eyelid sticker or glue!
See how the stronger lash band lifts my lids up, thus forming a distinct double eyelid line? :D

Moving on, I’ll show you how to make weak-banded lashes into something more awesome so you don’t have to throw away them away!!


Using two different lashes, gives your falsies more volume (OMPH!) and length (Uwaa!).
Most gyarus / wonderful Tawainese girls use more than 2 lashes.
But here, I’m going to show you how using 2 already makes a difference!

There are 2 different ways to put on more than 1 pair of lashes.

I’ll show you one here with pictures first!

Use different types of lashes, example, one criss crossed (for volume) and one straight (for length)

So here we have 2 different types of lashes!

[The crisscross one may not even be from Daiso, I’ve no idea.
But I think it is!
My table is filled with lashes all around (@_@)]

What we want to do is stick the lash with the transparent band (or the weaker one) on top of the stronger one.
This is so that the stronger band lifts your lids up!
Apply eyelash glue on the weaker one, in my case, the Melliesh one.
Blow gently on the lash with glue and wait for about 10seconds.

Stick from one point of the lash bone to the ending point.
Use your fingers to adjust accordingly!
Press it down together and wait for it to dry.

It should dry clear and you will have something like shown above.
This is not trimmed (X_X)
So after this step, please trim the lashes to fit your eye.

Let’s compare!!:

Now it has more volume while maintaining length! (^-^)v


1 Melliesh straight lashes

+ crisscross lashes




Second method!:
Just put up your 1st pair of lashes normally.
Then add the next pair as close to the 1st pair as possible.

Hope that helped everyone~!

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