My gawd wordpress has been attacked by hackers so I couldn’t get into my blog at all (T_T)
The other day I went out to meet buyers! :D

First the lovely Svena ~ who purchased one of my skirts !
Also gotten to see Hsi Chien and Fang Ni (=3=)
All so cute in uniforms but I couldn’t stay long coz I had to meet someone who wanted to purchase my Miku wig!
Sold it for so cheap! (X_X)
I had so many interested buyers, but ultimately the person who could confirm first gets it!

At least I’m getting some form of “income” from selling stuff I guess? Haha.
Went to Kino and bought nuts. For the sole purpose of getting the ank rouge pouch haha *mad*

Hmmm … honestly, I don’t read nuts at all…
At most it’s Jelly or Ageha?
But it’s not too bad! I quite like the styling!

On Friday night, I had to meet my mum for dinner with the lil bro and granny.
So I couldn’t meet other friends (T_____T)
She was quite insistent about meeting for dinner (=_=)

Cordiii for that night~
I’m obsessed with 2 things now, berets and big specs haha.

After dinner at din tai feng and going to get presents for my nephew, we went to satisfy my durian cravings:

But it wasn’t as nice as others, but I’m not gonna complain man…

Anyways today…
I’m seriously pissed over something, but my little brother cheered me up.
And I talked to Kymmie, so I let it all out already haha.
But still !
I’m not going to “have conversations” with you since you don’t want me to.
I can now TOTALLY understand the previous argument you had with someone else.



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