Shoes shoes shoes!

I hope I can start working soon so I can spend money on getting shoes !
(Yes, spend first then save later!)

Totally in love with Yumetenbo x Kimickey’s collaboration on vintage romantic-styled shoes~
I can totally see Okarie matching it with her outfits haha.

I really want this pair in all the colours available (X_X)

Not only this pair of shoes,
but there are manymanymany other pairs of shoes on YTB that I really really want (@__@);;
Also I want to buy stuff form Ank Rouge too (~_~);; Especially for more office-wear!
If I get the job confirmation and it’s good pay, I can also then save money to go to Japan again!

I desperately want to go fukubukuro shopping this time!! >(
I missed out this year and didn’t see that styletokyo was taking in pre-orders for liz lisa ones until it was too late ||ORZ
But when I went to Hong Kong, I managed to get the Liz Lisa boston fukuburo~

While on, I saw the following:
Shibuya fukubukuro sales
Harajuku fukubukuro sales
Takeshita dori fukubukuro sales
Fukubukuros are “lucky bags” which brands sell~ It’s usually a mystery bag and you never know what you get!
The best fukubukuros are after New Year~ You get many items inside the bag that are worth more than what you pay usually~

I have very bad luck with these actually… (>_>);;
In my life, I only bought a few:
1. Baby’s the stars shine bright bag from Black Alice in Singapore – I liked nothing in it! :(
2. Tralala bag from their Harajuku store – Not too bad! Selling some away!
3. Liz Lisa bag from their Hong Kong’s store – I liked the jacket only but I’m not selling any yet

The rest… I… all missed out coz I wasn’t paying attention to sites ordering them and whatnot (=__=)
So I really hope I can go to Japan soon and get many fukubukuros next year (T_T);;

Since I took the coordinate picture last week, there were comments on my legs.
They are not slim at all (=_=) Please don’t be fooled!

Anyways I’m determined to tone them down.
I went to the gym today and worked out a bit.
Hopefully day by day it will get better!
Also I hope it gets better when I start work.

I purchased useless bentou stuff the last time haha!
I keep buying bentou stuff from daiso but I never use them haha.
At HK airport, I purchased a Mickey mouse bentou box set with a carrier bag and utensil set (and keychain donut!)
Hopefully I’ll diligently pack lunches to work so I don’t gain weight (=_=)
Curse you Singapore cuisine for being so freaking yummy but so unhealthy (T_T)

I’m going to post about my nephew’s birthday party tomorrow~
Coz I’m going to visit my cousin and granny again tmr ~
I’m going there for samosas and cake! (AGAIN!) Keke.
Recently I get tired easily, so I’m going to turn in soon!
Good night ~!

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