nephew’s birthday~

Presents ! One for my nephew and the other for his mum, my cousin.
Her birthday was a few days away from her son’s!
And my aunt’s (her mum’s!) birthday falls on the same date as my nephew haha.
But I didn’t have extra time to get something for my aunt :/

Woke up extra early to help my cousin with the party preparations~~
I also helped cut a lot of fruits for the fruit tarts haha.

With Granny~

The theme of the party is actually Mickey…
So there were masks for the kids!

My lil bro wore one for fun and I wore my minnie head band from Hong Kong haha.

Later on, this cute girl stuck to me like GLUE.
I lent her my head band and also let her play some games on my iPhone.
I only have like 2 games for kids.
1 of which I specially downloaded for kids hahaa.
Guess  I need more in future (=_=)

My cousins and aunt kept laughing at me coz no one really knew who this kid was.
They kept saying when did I have a sister or when did I kidnap a kid over haha.
Most kids were with their parents but this kid wasn’t!
Who is she !! Haha.
I later went to sneakily ask my cousin and she said it was the neighbour and her parents all went out (=_=)

My gran, aunt and cousin don’t like her though, apparently she can be annoying?
But I thought she was kinda cute!

Except she didn’t really listen to me sometimes haha. But I guess most kids are like that!
I was sad for her coz I heard she has no one to play with at home :/
Her brother’s too young I think?
And she’s only 6 years old but she walks back to school on her own and stuff.
Really smart kid !

Took a pic of her and my 2 other cousins too:


Anyways the food there was SERIOUSLY AWESOME (=3=)
All my favourite foods !

Was so freaking full but I kept going back to snipe more sotong balls and samosas haha.

Cake-cutting time~!
My nephew kept trying to grab the flame of the candle.
So the birthdya song was REALLY WEIRD.
It was happy..birth-AHHH! All the way hahhaa.

Oh! And here you can see the deco I did hahaa!
Felt like I was in primary school art class, drawing the letters and cutting and pasting mickey shapes (>_>);;

I requested for the rainbow parts of the barney cake haha:

The party was actually quite enjoyable coz I spent time with my cousins and the awesome food!
Wilson kor, who has cycling in the morning whatsapped me about the party,
and honestly, it’s a kid’s party, how exciting can it be hahaha.
I told him barney is on TV, that’s the only thing exciting so far haha.
So he didn’t go (=_=) haha.

After hanging out more, some of the cousins decided to go over to the other block where my gran lives to play mahjong!

Because some of us weren’t very good at it, we teamed up!

I’m with Shi Ming jiejie~
One year my senior!
She’s freaking awesome! Haha.
We never get into conflicts when playing haha.
Unlike my lil bro and Zhi Han, so hilarious!!
Everytime they throw a tile or take a tile, they have very animated responses.

“OMG!!!!”, “NO HOPE!!”, “THERE’S HOPE!!”, “WHY?!!! WHY?!!!”

Very much like watching a Korean drama.. hahaa.

Anyways Shi Ming jie and I won quite a fair bit.
We played small though so it was not too bad haha.

One of the rounds!
Even though he can’t win with them he was determined not to let us win either haha.
If not he would have to pay all.
The game ended in a draw. It was so exciting though!
Everytime we took a tile we were hoping we would get a good one.
We even changed tiles halfway but it was a futile attempt coz Alvin Kor had the 7 tong also (=_=)

We decided to arrange another day so we can play again!

We took a break for dinner.
We ate more of the party food whom my mum, granny and cousin’s gf brought over.
And my mum went to tabao awesome prata, rojack and otah~

We then continued another round till late~

Couldn’t wake up in the morning for driving at all.
Seriously so pissed with myself.
I don’t even remembering waking up to off my alarm, as my phone was placed quite a distance way.


Anyways can’t wait to play MJ with my cousins again!!!


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