iPhone update

..because I finally synced my iPhone to get pics haha.

I feel like my life will be going down the drain soon!
No more play time for me :(
I should be starting work on the 21st of March!
Just praying the pay will be good!
And free AFA tics hie! Haha.

Anyways spent Saturday with my parents trying to shop for office-wear… to no avail!
But we went to Marche for lunch keke.
Ate all my favs in Marche hurhur~
No dieting at all!

I miss aussie tomatoes:

Shall aim to consume more tomatoes haha.

On Sunday, I went out with my parents in the morning then met my cos group in the afternoon:

Dim sum for lunch:

Warm egg tarts= to die for!!!

Killed any dieting ideas out of the window while I ate this:

Went out to get stuff for the shoot tomorrow…

To my dismay.. I saw this.

Swimmer in Japan sells exactly the same hair clips!!
I feel so cheated and sad  !

When I came home I found this hanging outside my closet.
Got a fright!:

Because my maid I were supposed to iron it together when I came back but she’s too efficient haha.
She kept going “awwww” when she looked at the dress coz it’s supposed to be a wedding dress haha.
Florence you’re too cute (=3=)
Thanks for always helping me wash my costumes, I know they are very bulky and very annoying haha.

Dinner menu:

Slice of banana cake, some kueh thing which I like and cereal~
Have to go back on a cereal diet soon hahaha.
Been eating too much junk!

Did a makeup test and tried on the wig.

Colour is inaccurate coz of my house’s shitty lighting and blue walls
This is really… just… not for me hahaa.
I think after the shoot and maybe an event, I’ll just drop anything to do with Miku in this colour (=_=)
Also omg the contacts I got for this cosplay is kinda scary green. I doubt I can wear it to work without scaring off people haha.
From my experience, green contacts are one of the worst. Also violet haha. But I always get funny comments when I wear green ones compared to violet ones haha.

Ahh~ I hope I don’t like… fuck-up real badly tomorrow (aka look like a drag queen ~ hhaa)
Anyways have to trim the fringe tmr and sew some stuff~
Rush Rush~~

Actually I didn’t know work would start so early arghaghdsa.
I still have costumes I would like to do shoots for but there’s no time now :(
Thanks Yee Long and Ah Foo for agreeing to shoot for me even though it was kinda last min.

As soon as I got the dates from my company, I immediately texted Yee Long hahaha.
So worried!!

I have at least 2 more cosplays ready to shoot ! :(
One old school cosplay and DOLLS again! But the dude version this time.
Also no word about epic gun yet! Kinda worried for it now but I trust my jiji ! :3

Hopefully after work starts, I would still have time to cos.
A lot of people have been saying that I won’t have time to… but I’ve seen cossers who work full time and churn out epic cos anyway! It’s all in the time management skills I reckon!

Like cute clips, folders, pen holder etc etc~
I don’t know, I’m having this weird love-hate relationship with working hahahaha.

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    Kelly said,

    Hahaha, welcome to the working life! where are you working at?

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