Octa Hotel Cafe

Met Sandra dear yesterday for our usual catch up sessions with our dolls~

Heres our kids in attendance ~
Recently I’m super lazy so I usually bring my tinies.
My boys are all at home doing nothing but collecting dust..
Haha (.__.);;

From left to right:
Yuki :: sandra’s
Fern :: sandra’s
Ayaka :: riko’s (mine)
Kumiko :: riko’s (mine)

Kumiko is the only non-volks doll, it’s almost sad haha.

Our Chikas <3
Ayaka and Fern~
Sandra kindly gave me some tips on how to make Ayaka’s eyes look less weird (=_=)||

Anyways Sandra always recommends awesome places for tea~
We actually wanted to go to ma maison cafe but it was really (=_=) looking…
So we went to Octa Hotel Cafe instead ~
It’s so lovely there!!

The cafe was a cute dainty place that sold super cute accessories on the side too!
I ordered a salmon and avocado sandwich~

It tasted fresh and IS SO YUMMY.
I miss it already haha !!

Anyways, I should be selling one or both of my tinies ://
I’m not sure yet, but I’m actually having a real difficult time bonding with them :/

If I do, I will replace the tinies with Rosen Lied customs for sure!
But I’m giving myself till May to decide!

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