Korean nomnom

But first!
Look what my favourite stinkbomb sent me a pic of:

Giraffes! Haha she totally rmbed I like giraffes so she took a pic of this for me but wtf toilet paper?! Haha

If she really buys one roll for me back to Singapore I’m going to laugh till my jaw drops haha.
But honestly I think she’s smart to know not to haha.

Where can I get giraffe-printed TP  in Singapore?!!

Yesterday, I went out with Hao, Jared and Lil Bro to eat Jajangmyun.

So we ate BBQ and other stuff~
The guys were fucking late!! An hour late!!

I was so hungry so I ordered rice cakes first:

Reminds me of kym (T_T)
Lil bro didnt like this dish at all haha.. to be honest, I dont really like it either hahaa *bricked*
But I thought he might ! I only ordered it for fish cakes hahaa. Also it was the only thing in small portions~
Wrote on the walls ~

Wrote many other things too haha.

Couldn’t find the ones that Kym and I scribbled in the past though (T^T)


So annoyed with Hao!!!
Bastard kept saying I’m impatient and I have to wait for the meat to be cooked to “perfection”

So they kept teasing me about it coz my instincts were like “nono, they’re done!” –> also coz i was hungry! haha.

So we waited longer .. and longer and.. then… one side of the beef burnt!!
(=____=) No one listened to hao after that haha.

Eric came over later too! To commemorate this, I wrote “Duck King was here” and drew a duck hahaa.
Eric is the son of the famous Bouna Vista Duck seller! Haha.
He is known in my family as “duck guy” coz my dad doesnt remember his name so my elder bro uses “duck guy” haha.

Lil bro and I haha.
I seriously think he lernt how to smile like that from me hahaa.
This is the 2nd pic. the 1st pic his head was soooo huge ! haha.

Aftermath~~~ we already cleared a lot of the other plates haha.

We went to watch Rango at CCK later~
Abit unwilling at first but we were worried when Hao got a bit dulan when lil bro and I didnt want to go haha.
He paid for tickets in the end. Awwwwww!  And also while waiting to be seated, we hung out at the arcade…
I was eyeing the rillakuma toy but didnt have money with me -> broke after dinner!
So he donated $1 to my UFO catcher fund haha.
Didn’t catch it in the end hahaa. Oh well!

Today I went for driving lessons and theory classes (=A=)

Thankfully parents sent me there~
After shopping on my own and finally collecting Kym’s and my tony moly card.. (
Yes,it’s been that long, Kymmie!) .. met parents for dinner at Wild Rocket~


Made mum buy easter chocolates hahaha~
It’s super cute and has a story and all~~

Shopping gets!
Bought a half-shirt thing from BODY that says “do not disturb” haha.
Maybe if I wear this more often Ill be comfortable showing my midriff … (…NOT!)
Bought aqualable stuff, super cheap schedule book (FINALLY!!! I buy them every year but this year I dont know why I didnt? and cldnt find them anymore in kino! anyways it actually cost $13, i was reduced to $6 and now only $3!! :D Alice is the only cute schedule book there though.. the mickey ones were too kiddy haha .__.;;), popsister and egg beauty~

On the topic of egg:

I seriously seriously ADORE Gugu from Egg!

Thinking of dying my hair 2 colours too..
But I’m not too sure yet..
Coz I’m not starting work next week so I’m def going to do my hair ~ :3
Gonna be even more broke.
ARGH ! I want to get money soon (T_T)


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