so freaking tired

so….. i went to cut my hair today and rebond and whatever…
shit man. the amount he chopped off is seriously scary because my ends are all “dead hair” anyways.

I guess it’s kinda chic…. and more.. mature…. kinda… but the length omg.
I hope i get used to it :(
My heartzzz..

Anyways I got back home and was determined to find my certs.
AND WTF I can’t find my ngee ann cert AT ALL.
Can’t even rmb how it looks like and kymmie had to send me a pic and i went to google it also.
Don’t recall the cert at all.

And while finding it, I decided to clean up my room somemore and also my magazine collection.

The number of KERAs and Jrock magazines i have = scary.
My back hurts from just picking them up and moving them from point A to B.
Took tons of photos of photocards, postcards, magazines and what not coz I’m planning to sell all of them away (if anyone still wants them)
Sorry my gazemen (T_T);;

But right now, too tired to move!
So I haven’t found my cert and my back hurts like a bitch.

I hope I find it before I sleep later. ORZ

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