I’m on 6 different types of medication to keep my tonsils and nose in check.
out of which I think 3 of them makes me drowsy.. .

Though that being said, I can’t sleep still coz of my itchy tonsils.

I gave up trying to sleep on the bed in my gran’s last night and sadly started the antibiotics course :(

I guess staying up till 3am to play mahjong didnt help haha …
But I couldnt sleep either x_X;;


Anyways my fever has come down, but my cold is still on-going thus making me cough also =_=||
But my jaws have stopped hurting and my throat lost that “clenched” up feeling though I can’t taste anything and eating biscutis feels like sandpaper rubbing against my throat T^T

Sad life sad life.

But in my drugged whooozy state, I managed to meet the Chika buyer~
So goodbye my dear T_T
We didnt last long and I was actually upset when I was packing her >_<

I just placed an order for my rosenlied beige.
On top of her (with no makeup), I ordered a limited dress:
and a wig:

^ wanted the blonde one but it was sold out!!
This colour has its charm though. Im hoping it works out!

Forgot to order glass eyes =_=
but i guess i’ll order from someone else then!

Going to wait for faceup slots to open and i’ll be sending my glot to be re-done and then my beige <3

Ok I thnk i better try to sleep again (T_T)
Good night!


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