oh yeah!

Feeling much better these days, but everytime I drink my cough syrup, I feel whoozy!
And sometimes weak (@__@)
I get a slight headache too (=__=)||

Doesn’t mean I can sleep though! It’s weird!!
Anyways on Sunday, I went out with my parents and lil bro to get him poly clothes and get work-clothing for myself.

Still sick! So not a lot of makeup (@_@)

With lil bro~~

In the end, I…well, ok my mum actually, only purchased a nice blazer from Bershka for me~
Mum spent more on my lil bro coz he desperately needed it hahaa!

We went for dim sum and peking duck at Old HongKong too!
It’s fast becoming my favourite dimsum place already keke~

I could taste better that day and was so thankful! (*__*)
On other days, I can’t taste much (T_T)
When I ate prata the other day, it just felt like eating foam boards (not that i have eaten any though!)

So as you know, I’ve been shopping online for work clothes rather than offline coz omg the styles in Singapore = terribad!
(terribly bad!)

Also purchased stuff from yumetenbo and they all came today!
I was so blur and stared at the box in my room.. like what on earth did I buy?
It can’t be that my rosenlied doll is here already (@_@);; hhaahaha.

Totally forgot!!
Even forgot what I bought (.__.)||

Online shopping stash so far (not all for work!) :

MINUS the awesome shoes from yumetenbo (mary rose) x Kumiko collaboration.

I tried it and it fits so well and it’s so very comfy!!
I seriously hope they restock! I must get the red, caramel (well maybe!) and black ones  ! *greedy*

My mum also adored the shoes!
But didn’t fall into my trap of “yeah but it was so ex T_T” act hahaa.

My bank account is crying seriously.
I don’t think the first month of pay can even cover my expenses haha.
I forgot to look at it after CPF and kept thinking I should have lots of money hahaa.

Im waiting to buy my crew lots of oriental wear and also some furniture !
So I have photos that dont look stupid with the awful couch again haha!
I think everyone in the doll community who has seen my pics, probably knows roughly how the apartment looks like because of all my pics haha.

I also need to send my girls for faceups!
Really hoping to get slots for them ~! (>w<)

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