Busy busy busy!

Even though I only have a few days left, I find that I’m bored to death at home hahaa.
So today after picking up my cosplay item… and receiving much trauma, I went to get materials for my shoppe~~

Previously I called it {NightmarE CarnivaL}, but I’m going to change it !
This is because recently my style has changed haha.
I used to make lots of punkish items? But I’m not 100% into punk/ visual kei already~
The new store and items will debut tomorrow! (If nothing goes wrong!)

In fact I have so many girly stuff it’s crazy.
I don’t even have a SD-sized girl yet D8

When I look at the stuff I bought, (over $60!!!), very few of them seems it’s for boys haha.
It’s quite sad!
And because I have a tiny now, there are accessories for tinies now! (^3^)/

Work station after I  cleared most of the trash + packed all the jewellery parts:

I’ve been blasting namie amuro nonstop the whole of today!
When shopping, when doing accessories haha.
The speaker kym bought me is useful ! Haha.

Dolls are there to make adjustments to the different pieces.
Actually Kayden and Roka used to be my models when I’m working, because of their look, but I sold Roka’s old mold (T_T) so… :( I’m waiting for K-doll to release Karen so I can bring Roka back (T^T)

Anyways, here’s Kayden modeling one of my fav pieces!:

I realise you can’t see any detail of the necklace hahaha!
Gonna keep one piece for my boys !
Sales picture would be modeled by Hikaru instead haha.
My only girlish sweet boy??
Kaya is a slut . not counted.

Personal piece for Kumiko~
There’s actually a pink crystal there.
I was really tired when I took all the pics haha.
These will be mostly for SD-sized. Don’t particularly like it on a tiny~ :/

Anyways I spent a lot of time just staring at the pieces thinking about how to pair them with other things (>_>);;
Worked from 6-11.30! (X_x) And made about 20ish necklaces~

When I finally went to use the com… I found that Monni finished with my twins and posted pics up!
Because I’m always not online on MSN, Plurk is an awesome place for us to chat haha.

PHOTO: Monni (=3=)

Katsuro and Kaito haha.
She said Katsuro gave her a lot of probs haha.
As expected of him !
He’s in character! Haha.

Anyways I have not decided on the hair colour for both my twins..
It’s more of a… “see what fits” thing haha.
But Kaito should be using the red wine wig  that i’ve kept for ages!!
And Katsuro should be in black (I reckon) or I have 2 leekeworld brown wigs that Kayden doesn’t like (=_=)|| that he can use~
I would LOVE it if they settled on a colour quickly~ If not my wallet would cry trying to find the perfect wig (X_x);;

Shall end this post with a pic of my doggie:

He hates taking pics and I had to sneak up on him to snap this.
Couldn’t use flash either coz he will know and change positions!!
As soon as I snapped it, he woke up *fail*

But omg i love it when he sleeps like this hhee.
Or rather, when he puts his paws on his face.

KAWAIII (=3333=)
Recently I’m on bad terms with my dog (?!!!!!)
He’s been really naughty and I got fed up and decided to ignore him for 2 days..
He didn’t take that too well haha.
It’s a cold war between us now! (Kidding!)
But I do feel a bit distant from him now :(
Even though he still happily walks to me when I call him…
Maybe I was too harsh :/  Or I’m thinking too much haha.

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