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ふわふわり ふわふわる

ふわふわる ふわふわり

神様 ありがとう

Fluffy and fluttering, fluttery and fluffy.
I can float up to space when you call my name.

Fluttery and fluffy, fluffy and fluttering.
When you smile, with just that, a smile comes to my face.

Thank you, God.
Even if our fateful encounter was just a prank by fate,
I’m happy that I met you.

– Renai Circulation by Hanazawa Kana


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Spent the entire afternoon and evening away from my computer!
Supposed to blog about updates but I R LAZY MAX.
Expect photo spam next week!

Totally psyched that my elder bro’s coming back for a vacation soon!


I have lots of shit to organise though!
Have shoots to do and locations to secure!
I’m still super undecided about the hotel.

If I have no work to deal with tmr, I’ll make an announcement then (>_<)

Also I have to confirm my cosfest day 2 plans. (>_>);;

Anyways recently I’ve been feeling very down but I can’t totally pin the cause of it arghsgdhga.
Hopefully the week gets better~~~~! (>_<)

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It’s been a week after SOY’C but OMG I’m really tired from work so I haven’t been blogging!

So anyways! Just gonna cut things short hahaa…!! :P

I actually woke up pretty early for SOY’C :/
I thought I was going to be late meeting Jin Hong. but it turns out he was later than expected (=_=)

As the event was held in my ex-poly, the location is very near my home ! (^-^)
So cabbing there would be a breeze~

Took a photo of my self first for fun~:

My dog doesn’t want to be an attentive police dog haha.
All attempts to take a photo with him was in vain! D<

Anyways when I arrived at the place, JinHong didn’t bring his SD card so I had to lend him mine (=_=)||
I met a buyer and bought tics then went to walk around and say hi to people whom I recognised ~

Met ning, bren and kosmos and left my stuff with them (=3=)
Then went to walk around~~~ had been trying to find kura’s booth but it was in vain (X_X);;

I was on a search for bad people (HAHA) but couldn’t find any! ARGHSAGDA!!

Went for a short shoot with YeeLong and Ah Foo~ KAMSAHAMIDA!

Photo: Ah Foo! (find the rest on my DA!)

And bumped into Rhoda while walking back!
Then I went on my hunt again before saikang-ing for some of her shots~

Camwhored while waiting:

Honestly I never saikang-ed for people at events especially in cosplay hahaha!
but it was freaking hilarious!

How Rhoda hold’s her weapon in one hand IS A LIE.
My hands played important epic parts in the making of her epic photo HAHAHA.

Met huiwei, rimei and others too! (^_^)
Nice chatting with them~~

Also! My favourite cosser of the day:

Wahaha ~ He kept saluting when we made eye-contact! XD
Glad to have taken a pic with him even though it’s not a very good one (=__=)|||

Anyways this year I managed to muster up courage to speak to more people and mingle around a bit (^_^)
It’s good fun!
Definitely don’t want to be anti-social and shy for events anymore ! >(
hahaha :P

We (ning,bren,kosmos,yeelong, ning’s and bren’s bfs and i ) went for dinner after the event and I had so much fun at the Thai restaurant !
Simply madness~ Keke ~~~ (=3=)

Great fun, great fun~

Mum and dad also came to pick

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❚ 真・三國無双 7:

❚ Lucky Dog 1

❚ 银魂

伊達 政宗

❚ 薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜
斎藤 一
藤堂 平助

❚ Starry☆Sky

Updated my list.
Machiam I very free like that haha.
But I seriously just wanna churn out as much as I can (>_<);;

Definitely want to do Starry☆Sky ! But no idea which character yet (@_@)
Previously I also added Panty and also Len’s Knife [already have the wig (*_*)]
And I have to work on my sailor neptune but i r very lazy  (X_x)

Will talk about SOY’C another time (T_T)
Have to OT tmr acks!!

Going to catch some shut eye and zzzz soon!
Good night!

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recently i feel like my younger brother = elder brother
and my elder brother = younger brother.

my little brother, who used to not care about others, expect to be babied (still does at times though), who only thought of himself, has really grown up.

he’s become someone i can rely on when i need help (although it comes with mischievous remarks) and always makes me laugh and smile.

on the other hand, my elder bro, as of late has been not talking to me and only talks to me when he needs help (=_=)||| so he’s more like how my younger bro used to be, distant!

but no matter what, i’m thankful for both of them.
though recently more thankful to my lil brother now since he’s been giving me lots of advice and encouragement.

he is truly someone who’s going to be amazing (and wealthy HAHAHA) in future and i’m so so so glad he grew up and is so knowledge now !

thanks lil bro for being my second mini hero in life (:

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First full week of work

One week of work feels like a month. I’m serious. Haha.
Anyways because it was also SOY week, I had to make a few trips to town to get stuff to complete my cos (>_<)

Walked past Holika Holika! And squealed inwardly like a mad person because the previous say, I watched 4minute’s heart ot heart MV with Jung Shin in it <3

Sorry it’s so blur but I was eggcited and on a moving escalator.
Went to get foundation also coz what little left of foundation I had, had broken into tiny lil pieces.

It did NOT strike me that foundation would be so freaking ex :(
Anyways gotten other stuff so I can get freebies + renew my membership~

Bought reddish eyeshadow for cosplay :X
This is what I see when I look slightly upwards, infront of me:

I.. don’t…even..
Gonna ask someone about this someday haha.
Was flipping through japanese mags and saw this:

OMG Mickeymouse dimsum (T_T)

Also could select a freebie from the mags we just gotten! :

Took the dolly girl one heh~

Took a halfday on Thursday to do my driving !
I seriously thought I was gonna fail really badly, but thankfully I passed!!!!
So grateful ! Only gotten 8 DPs!!!

To celebrate, my dad took lil bro and I out for diner after work~ :

Chose my FAVOURITE! Scissors cut curry rice at Kicchener road
Its like freaking disgusting when you see the condition of the kitchen (according to my elder bro) but AIYA if I dont see it, I wont care haha.
My elder bro and mum hate it so I can only eat it with my dad (T_T)
So it was a good chance for me to finally eat it after so long~

On Friday, we had a group welcome lunch~ (^_^)v
Buffet and Pan Pacific ‘s 10 claymore (or smth!)

I took some main dishes then went for the desserts:

Round 1 !
They have gummy bears omg!
And a white chocolate fountain~
The cookies ARE DAMN NICE. I had a dream about ordernig them last night ORZ
Even though the blue macaroon is the ugliest, it’s the nicest haha.
Very very odd.
Round 2:

I cannot resist the cakes (T_T)

Also this week I gotten my company names cards! (^_^)
So happy~

Will talk about SOY’C another time !
Ta ta~

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the weekend ends D:

…just like that (T_T)

Only 1 day of work but I feel like my soul has left my body haha.

Anyways came home to awesome package of my taobao orders:

Wigs for so many things!
And chest binders haha.
Have to buy one more though coz I bought one in the wrong size (=_=)|||
One of the wigs is for my Miku chan~ (=3=)

So many pink wigs! It’s crazy~~!

Anyways had to bring my dog to the groomers:



Top: Uniqlo~
Shorts: GUESS
Socks: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: New look
Necklace: Paris Kids
Beret and bag: no brand! both from hong kong hahaha!

Anyways OMG 2 of my mickey mouse donut phone charm broke off :(
Only mickey mouse’s donut charm is left :(
I tried to connect it back , but it didnt work (X_X)


On the way to the groomers~
After hair appointment:

Much better hair! No more dryness (X_X)

Also went to collect lenses from kosmos~ (^_^)
They look super awesome!
Can’t wait to try !

Mum bought Canele for us~ :


went to fetch doggie back and omg LOOK AT ITS PAWS:

Can’t stop squealing when I look at this picture hahaa.

Full week of work ahead tmr (T___T)
but it’s also SOY’C !!

Can’t wait to catch up with all my friends ! (^w^)
Prolly going with Kuku and Rhoda ~ Keke

Undecided as to what to cos, I have 2 costumes I’m collecting materials for in anycase! :P
See you guys there!



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