the weekend ends D:

…just like that (T_T)

Only 1 day of work but I feel like my soul has left my body haha.

Anyways came home to awesome package of my taobao orders:

Wigs for so many things!
And chest binders haha.
Have to buy one more though coz I bought one in the wrong size (=_=)|||
One of the wigs is for my Miku chan~ (=3=)

So many pink wigs! It’s crazy~~!

Anyways had to bring my dog to the groomers:



Top: Uniqlo~
Shorts: GUESS
Socks: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: New look
Necklace: Paris Kids
Beret and bag: no brand! both from hong kong hahaha!

Anyways OMG 2 of my mickey mouse donut phone charm broke off :(
Only mickey mouse’s donut charm is left :(
I tried to connect it back , but it didnt work (X_X)


On the way to the groomers~
After hair appointment:

Much better hair! No more dryness (X_X)

Also went to collect lenses from kosmos~ (^_^)
They look super awesome!
Can’t wait to try !

Mum bought Canele for us~ :


went to fetch doggie back and omg LOOK AT ITS PAWS:

Can’t stop squealing when I look at this picture hahaa.

Full week of work ahead tmr (T___T)
but it’s also SOY’C !!

Can’t wait to catch up with all my friends ! (^w^)
Prolly going with Kuku and Rhoda ~ Keke

Undecided as to what to cos, I have 2 costumes I’m collecting materials for in anycase! :P
See you guys there!



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    xx said,

    i love the beret! rlly cute!

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