First full week of work

One week of work feels like a month. I’m serious. Haha.
Anyways because it was also SOY week, I had to make a few trips to town to get stuff to complete my cos (>_<)

Walked past Holika Holika! And squealed inwardly like a mad person because the previous say, I watched 4minute’s heart ot heart MV with Jung Shin in it <3

Sorry it’s so blur but I was eggcited and on a moving escalator.
Went to get foundation also coz what little left of foundation I had, had broken into tiny lil pieces.

It did NOT strike me that foundation would be so freaking ex :(
Anyways gotten other stuff so I can get freebies + renew my membership~

Bought reddish eyeshadow for cosplay :X
This is what I see when I look slightly upwards, infront of me:

I.. don’t…even..
Gonna ask someone about this someday haha.
Was flipping through japanese mags and saw this:

OMG Mickeymouse dimsum (T_T)

Also could select a freebie from the mags we just gotten! :

Took the dolly girl one heh~

Took a halfday on Thursday to do my driving !
I seriously thought I was gonna fail really badly, but thankfully I passed!!!!
So grateful ! Only gotten 8 DPs!!!

To celebrate, my dad took lil bro and I out for diner after work~ :

Chose my FAVOURITE! Scissors cut curry rice at Kicchener road
Its like freaking disgusting when you see the condition of the kitchen (according to my elder bro) but AIYA if I dont see it, I wont care haha.
My elder bro and mum hate it so I can only eat it with my dad (T_T)
So it was a good chance for me to finally eat it after so long~

On Friday, we had a group welcome lunch~ (^_^)v
Buffet and Pan Pacific ‘s 10 claymore (or smth!)

I took some main dishes then went for the desserts:

Round 1 !
They have gummy bears omg!
And a white chocolate fountain~
The cookies ARE DAMN NICE. I had a dream about ordernig them last night ORZ
Even though the blue macaroon is the ugliest, it’s the nicest haha.
Very very odd.
Round 2:

I cannot resist the cakes (T_T)

Also this week I gotten my company names cards! (^_^)
So happy~

Will talk about SOY’C another time !
Ta ta~

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