recently i feel like my younger brother = elder brother
and my elder brother = younger brother.

my little brother, who used to not care about others, expect to be babied (still does at times though), who only thought of himself, has really grown up.

he’s become someone i can rely on when i need help (although it comes with mischievous remarks) and always makes me laugh and smile.

on the other hand, my elder bro, as of late has been not talking to me and only talks to me when he needs help (=_=)||| so he’s more like how my younger bro used to be, distant!

but no matter what, i’m thankful for both of them.
though recently more thankful to my lil brother now since he’s been giving me lots of advice and encouragement.

he is truly someone who’s going to be amazing (and wealthy HAHAHA) in future and i’m so so so glad he grew up and is so knowledge now !

thanks lil bro for being my second mini hero in life (:

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