It’s been a week after SOY’C but OMG I’m really tired from work so I haven’t been blogging!

So anyways! Just gonna cut things short hahaa…!! :P

I actually woke up pretty early for SOY’C :/
I thought I was going to be late meeting Jin Hong. but it turns out he was later than expected (=_=)

As the event was held in my ex-poly, the location is very near my home ! (^-^)
So cabbing there would be a breeze~

Took a photo of my self first for fun~:

My dog doesn’t want to be an attentive police dog haha.
All attempts to take a photo with him was in vain! D<

Anyways when I arrived at the place, JinHong didn’t bring his SD card so I had to lend him mine (=_=)||
I met a buyer and bought tics then went to walk around and say hi to people whom I recognised ~

Met ning, bren and kosmos and left my stuff with them (=3=)
Then went to walk around~~~ had been trying to find kura’s booth but it was in vain (X_X);;

I was on a search for bad people (HAHA) but couldn’t find any! ARGHSAGDA!!

Went for a short shoot with YeeLong and Ah Foo~ KAMSAHAMIDA!

Photo: Ah Foo! (find the rest on my DA!)

And bumped into Rhoda while walking back!
Then I went on my hunt again before saikang-ing for some of her shots~

Camwhored while waiting:

Honestly I never saikang-ed for people at events especially in cosplay hahaha!
but it was freaking hilarious!

How Rhoda hold’s her weapon in one hand IS A LIE.
My hands played important epic parts in the making of her epic photo HAHAHA.

Met huiwei, rimei and others too! (^_^)
Nice chatting with them~~

Also! My favourite cosser of the day:

Wahaha ~ He kept saluting when we made eye-contact! XD
Glad to have taken a pic with him even though it’s not a very good one (=__=)|||

Anyways this year I managed to muster up courage to speak to more people and mingle around a bit (^_^)
It’s good fun!
Definitely don’t want to be anti-social and shy for events anymore ! >(
hahaha :P

We (ning,bren,kosmos,yeelong, ning’s and bren’s bfs and i ) went for dinner after the event and I had so much fun at the Thai restaurant !
Simply madness~ Keke ~~~ (=3=)

Great fun, great fun~

Mum and dad also came to pick

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