kaito & katsuro

Finally had a chance to photograph my twins! Who are back from a face-up trip  at Monni’s !
This is after 2 wardrobe and wig changes!
I need to purchase 2 pairs of eyes for them.. the current ones I have on hand don’t work well!

Their eyes are supposed to be purple in colour (>_<) But none of the purple eyes I have suits Katsuro (=_=)

Started to shoot Kaito first! :

This wig he has on… it’s really funny..
I bought it in 2007! HAHAHAH.
I knew back then I was definitely bringing a pair of Els home haha.
Or that someone in my crew would use it.
For years I tried placing this wig on other dolls but no one suited it haaha.
He didn’t cooperate very well, so I only took like 5 photos and moved on hahaa.


Had so many wig changes for him (>_<)
Thank goodness he suits this leekeworld wig, I’m going to sell the other since it suits no one!
I bought it for my other doll, Kayden, but he doesn’t look nice with it either. (>_>);;
Also changed his eyes to blue … it’s not the colour I intend for him, but sigh (.__.);;

I need more clothes for my babies! (>__<);;
Shall look into that properly tonight haha.

Kaito and Katsuro are brothers of :


Would like to take a photo of all 3 of them together :3
I have to save for another body for Katsuro though as the current one he is borrowing… it has yellowed D: so the skin doesn’t match (>_<);; Thinking of a female-to-male body… but will see how it goes! I don’t like bulky bodies!!

However I must say, Katsuro who is on a LUTS Type 3 body, holds poses quite easily !
But his head has limited movements compared to my other dolls who are on a hybrid doll with a neck donut.
You win some, you lose some? Haha.

Shop shop shopping for my kids soon (=3=)

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