Duke of Venomania’s Madness shoot


FINALLY, I will talk about this shoot hahaa.

I felt really bad because my costume arrived late, and so instead of “early 2011 (Jan- Mar)”, we shoot this in April haha.

But I’ve said this so many times, BUT I REALLY MEAN IT.
I have the most superb team ever!

Super duper happy all these wonderful people joined me!
Especially Ning! Who was skeptical about joining groups.
Because after my Kaito quit, she psychoed Bren to be our Kaito keke!

Also very thankful for the support of Yee Long and Ah foo! Though foo couldnt be there, I’m grateful! (^_^)
And thanks to everyone else who impressed interest in joining the shoot or applying to be helpers and photographers!

Ok moving on to shoot day…
Decided to cab over to Ning’s instead of taking a train over haha. I had to send my elder bro to the airport at 5am, so I was a zombie! (X_X);;

Actually I’m most comfortable doing my preparations at my own place so I can slowly do everything at my own pace haha.
So this was actually my first time doing prep at someone else’s place D:
Ning’s family was very welcoming though! XD

Helped Yvonne with her makeup first then did my own~

We then rushed in a cab over to the location~
We got lost! D8
THANKFULLY Bren knew where to head to.
Yeelong and amanda were also lost..
Later onwards, so was Kiyomi HAHA.


I’m so sorry I suck at explaining the directions too! (>_<);;

Nothing much to say about the shoot (Coz omg I’m really lazy hahaa) but I had so much fun!!
We cam-whored, my phone got kidnapped so the girls could camwhore hahaha…
And it was all in all a good experience!

Wasn’t really satisfied with my cos though haha! Sad to say the only cosplay I’m proud of is my Ciel strawberry version one [Should I just cos Ciel forever?!!! HAHAHA] . D8
Ok and my Ayane Kubou one haha!

parfaitprince : Gakupo
Kiyomi : Lukana Octo
Ning: Mikulia Greonio
Hitomi : Gumina Glassred
Amber : Meilis Belzenia
(Photo: Yee Long)

I think only towards the LAST SHOT, I somehow had the best chemistry with posing with Amanda haaha.
I don’t even know why!!! Hahha.

parfaitprince : Gakupo
Hitomi : Gumina Glassred
(Photo: Yee Long)

There actually is another pose we did, that was more intimate but it was more or less a failed shot due to some reasons haha.

We had dinner later at Viviocity together~ I was starving by that time! I didn’t eat lunch (T_T)
And then bubble tea (not me and randy though!), took a mrt with the usual westies and then cabbed home from clementi haha.

We vaguely discussed some plans for future cosplay, and I will be overjoyed if we could team up again (^_^)v

For the rest of the photos, please check out my dA: http://parfaitouji-nariko.deviantart.com/

I will be slowly uploading photos there !


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