more shopping hurhur

Been spending like mad ever since I’ve been working~
It’s a great stress reliever haha ~

Hauls from April till now~:

Mum paid for the Hakubi pills (=3=)
Purchased the hada labbo mist and left it in the office~
Also purchased my 3rd aqualabel product~ Eye gel~~~
After I finish using my clinique face wash, I will purchase the aqualabel one hurhur.

Also happened to be at funan to get my bro his bday gift!

Purchased Rilakkuma items and sentimental circus stuff!
Rilakkuma clock was ONLY $10!!! My mum asked me why I didn’t get more… haha like, what for? There’s only one design! haha
The files were for my venomania gorup ^^ Bought 5 in total~
Purchased a black marker for the office~
Finally purchased Shappo’s head! Cost me $50! But it’s made me really happy (=3=)
Also gotten a A4 file (NO REASON) and index tabs ~

Went back to funan and gotten this a5 file, for no reason also (._.)

My starbucks cup is ickly and gross !! (the straw!!) So I bought another cup~

I don’t even know why I bought it… cost me $29.90, when I could have bought a smaller sentimental circus cup for $15 D8
Srsly wasn’t thinking!
Today I went to raffles shopping center and there was a bigger sentimental circus corner 8DDD

Purchased a book holder for my “current month” mags that have been sitting on my table, also purchased glass cups, an eraser (coz it’s cheap hahaha), a mulitcoloured pen, what i thought was sticky notes but isn;t (just mere paper .__.) and gotten a free paper bag and pamphlet 8D

I later went to taka’s kino and saw this handphone charm !!
But the colour I want, Shappo’s painting wasn’t well done (T__T)
I’m hoping the Liang court one has it!
I also want to buy another sentimental circus pen (=3=)

Ever since I saw sentimental circus items in Hong Kong, my collection has been growing steadily (X__x);;
Besides all the above, I have notepads and a handphone holder from HK haha.

Went to kino, and bumped into Wilson Kor!!
Caught up a bit and then left to grab more mags!

CanCam is useful if for young and stylish office lady wear haha.
I FEEL SO OLD HAVING UPGRADED TO OL MAGS !!! Although the target market is 20+ working adults… still!! (.__.)
I still read popteen to look at stuff for weekends though haha.

Purchased clips for work, going to buy more if I see cute ones… and stapler remover!
I srsly HATE plucking out damn stapler bullets (@_@)
Wanted to buy the device that doesnt use bullets, and merely punches the paper into each other (ever since i saw a colleague of mine use…) but it was like $20+ and I honestly didnt need it haha.

Oh stapler bullets, stuck with you for a while longer haha.

Hoping to get more sentimental stuff soon (=333=)
Hoho, wait for me shappo!
I wish they sold bedsheets!! Would totally splurge on those haha.

Till next time~

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