before gaga

Before Gaga talked about being different… there was Pink… (=3=)

Had so much fun singing (more like yelling and jumping during the chorus) this during KTV keke.
Loved her ever since listening to “don’t let me get me” <3

Anyways KTV was a “farewell gathering” for my supervisor and bossu~ (T^T)
And man, I love advertising people srsly.
No walls up, just go wild. That’s how partying / ktv-ing should be.
Hate it when I’m like the only one who wants to headbang to rock songs or jump around!
Why so serious hey!

Would love to go on a roadtrip while blasting music and being all crazy in the car!
Keke !

Anyways a lot of shit happened during these past week, but I’m really thankful for Kymmie and my bros!
Thanks for being there always! (=3=)/

I’m seriously thinking of looking at other options right now… life likes to mock me. I end up liking issues/ things I didn’t like in the beginning. FML!

But ever since my elder bro talked to me, I’m seriously considering that option due to all the shit I’m getting now. But I don’t wanna get away yet coz of my pooch :(

I’m gonna see how :///

Things are not looking up at work. I thought I had a glimmer of hope but that hope has recently been distinguished.


I’m gonna just wait it out for another month and think about my options :/

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