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matroyshka gumi at cosfest 2011

matroyshka gumi by parfaitprince

OK, only one pic for now.
(I freaking hate that even though I try, my left eye is always smaller than my right ?! I srsly need to master this skill properly)

Went to Cosfest 2011, day 1 with Hsi Chien as my Miku chan~
She was late for 2 hours but she’s so adorable I think it’s ok hahaa (=3=)

Met Calvin (work colleague) who didnt cosplay omgsosad at first then went to chillax with Yee Long and CJ for lunch.

Then met Foo and then we went off to walk around and blahblahblah.

^ As you can see I’ve seem to lost my blogging spirit as of late HAHA.

But anyways, cosfest was not too bad actually, the best part was just chilling with Ning etc.
Freaking loved it !
Even though i’m so fucking creeped out by so many things as we shared stories. URGHH!

Also catching up with some people like Shizu!!
To be honest quite shocked she rmbed I actually left for overseas haha.
Lucks with your studies dear!

And of coz Rhodada ~ Who was fucking shuai ! <3
I don’t like that character at all but she made him look awesome HAHAH.

Anyways ~ so tired so not gonna blog much haha.
But it was a stressful day! Becuase on top of cosplaying, I had to deal with work too!! Like wtf arghagsdkgasd.

Really don’t know what I want to do for work. Should I press on or something?
Only July will tell (T___T)

Anyways real tired now, so till tomorrow!

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It’s been awhile hasn’t it!

I’m so busy at work (T_T)
I really don’t have time for much things (T__T)

Haven’t been watching Running Man, catching up with K-pop and anime (T_T)

Time is suddenly so precious haha.
But I did however, catch up on Tokyo Kawaii TV the other day ~!

And I saw Akiba x gyaru fashion mix!

The character reference is Ciel from Kuroshitsuji~ (=3=)

You can see the video here !

Definitely want to attempt styling like that keke.

Anyways next week is The Doll Affair!!
My dad who originally wanted to support me couldn’t make it (;__;)
But it’s ok it means I definitely will have transport to the event ! Courtesy of my elder brother ! Keke.

I’ve already bought most of the materials for the display but I’m still thinking about the backdrop (=A=)

I hope my 2 girls arrive on time (=A=)
And also the clothes I ordered (>_>);;

I shall dress my kids up tomorrow or smth and then decide? (X_x);;

Also, I need to make more stuff to sell (X____X);;
Slowly running out of materials!!

Items will be on discount for TDA! So be sure to grab them! Keke!
Awaiting to meet new friends and also old friends!
Also my babe, Sandra <3

After TDA week, it’s cosfest! IT KEEPS SLIPPING FROM MY MIND OMG.
I stil haven’t started on ANYTHING.
Haven’t even did a test to see if everything is ok. (T_T);;

Should be only going for one day ? (T__T)
Coz I really didn’t prepare much (T__T)

Hope everything will turn out ok!
In fact I’m actually just looking towards AFA now hahaa!!
I shall start prep for that early!

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