Palty Natural Brown hair colour review

My ugly roots have been showing these past months haha. So I’ve decided to DIY dye my hair again!
Also have been really sick of my light coloured hair recently! When I saw August’s issue of PopSister, I just instantly wanted a dark chocolate hair colour!

So I went to hunt for Palty’s natural brown.
It’s ony available in Ngee Ann City’s Watsons. Couldn’t find it in any of the other Watsons (>_<);;

Go under the cut!

Anyways, for the first time, I’m doing this on my own! Haha.
Previously I had the help of my awesome friend, Kelda, when I dyed my hair with Palty Raspberry Macaron.
But this time, it’s completely on my own haha.

To give you the run-down of the terrible condition of my hair:
1. Really dry hair
2. Rebond + perm at least twice a year. Last rebond was in the last month and perm was at the start of the year.
3. Dye almost every year at least thrice.
4. Moisturising treatment only twice a year at the salon’s.
5. Top of my hair, the natural colour is hazelnut. Middle part is milk chocolate brown from my previous dye at the salon’s. Bottom part is like golden D: I have like 3 different shades of brown in my hair.
6. Really thick hair! I always need 2 bottles of dye.


To show you the terrible contrast and also how dry my hair is haha:


Exactly the same as my previous purchase, but I now have an english instruction guide!

The guide:

Actually the whole process is quite straight forward.

Just put the tube of dye into the bottle, and shake (with the cap secured on it of course).

Then attach the comb and squeeze onto hair.

I find that it helps to give a rough shake then squeeze when you get to the last bits of dye stuck in the bottle.

So while doing this on my own, I found it a tad difficult cause I couldn’t really get to the back portions of my hair, so actually my hair turned out somewhat unevenly coloured at the back.

I actually coloured my hair funny, like, not in the usual way?
I finished colouring only one side of my head after 1 bottle HAHA.
So I quickly opened the other bottle and started to the other half.

I managed to finish putting on 2 bottles of dye under 30mins (as advised!) .
I then let it set for about 18 mins or so.

And damn! It turned out way darker than expected haha.
If you leave it on longer, your hair actually turns out darker. D:

After one day:


As mentioned, mannnn my hair is seriously a lot darker than I want it to!
I reckon if I didn’t leave it for 20mins, it would have come out lighter but I was worried if I washed it off too early, some parts will be uneven (X_X);;

After 2 weeks, a cut and my own DIY curling:

I didn’t use the moisture pack that the dyes come with as usual haha.
Actually, after dying, you won’t find that your hair is dry at all! In fact it’s very soft~~ (=3=)

After care I did right after washing the dye off and products I used :
1. 1st wash: Shampoo with Pantene Pro V, extra moisturising (the gold one)
2. 2nd wash: Loreal Kerastase Oleo-curl
3. Condition: Shiseido Tsubaki Damage care conditioner
4. Condition: Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Treatment mask (the orange one)
5. Condition: Pantene Pro V Night miracle leave-on cream serum

I mentioned in my previous review all the great things about Palty so I won’t repeat it again!
Hope this helped some people!

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Apple Le said,

    Hello :)
    Thanks for the nice review. I was wondering, after using this, is it possible to use the normal palty to lighten your hair again? :)

  2. 3

    Fae said,

    I know this is an older post, but I’m currently living in Japan at the moment, and want to dye my hair (I look better as a brunette).

    I’ve heard that Palty dyes all have a type of bleaching agent in them, but, because this “Turn Color” series is meant to darken pre-bleached/dyed hair, does this mean it does not have the dye?

    • 4

      Nariko said,

      Sorry but I’m not familiar if they do have a bleaching agent in this series or not. I believe after many years, the product may have changed as well!

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