eating my soul

Work has been eating my soul, as such I’ve not been updating as of late ORZ
Too lazy also haha.

All I want to do, is come home to watch anime then sleep haha.

Currently watching Tiger & Bunny!

Even though I think belzeebub and ao no exorcist is good, i havent been captivated long enough haha ORZ
Enough about animes about demons please (=__=)

So anyway! I’ve been slwoly working on my Konan progress –> HAHA REALLY.
The wig has been cut but the bun not made (.___.);;
I then moved on to my Luka wig and accessories.
My gawd! SO MANY FUCKING CHAINS *$#(*(*&^&%!!

Today, I only had foundation and my eyebrowns drawn for the afternoon, so decided to do a makeup test… at night…
I’m not using this method anymore HAHA.
Drew my eyeliner too thick on the bottom and it was messy haha (even though you can’t see it in the pics!)


Man… I def put on weight !

Also I need to trim this wig… even though its like 90% there haha.

My Luka progress… is also very stagnant for now.
I totally forgot STGCC is like next week.. ha.ha?

After my client event tomorrow, I shall work on it more (;___;)
But it is truly a nightmare to take out the dress and work on it.

It’s so freaking huge.
I think I will regret it wearing it hahahaha.

But for the first time, my mum said it was a pretty dress haha.

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