Updates till STGCC!

But as I type this, I can’t be all sappy coz he pissed me off today (=A=)

It was raining on Sat!!
Didn’t go to STGCC in the end… so I went shopping (HAHA)
But it was good!

Coz mum sponsored half of my new Samantha Vega bag! :

Actually I like this in caramel brown!!
But my mum didn’t like it at all..
I will buy the smaller version in caramel then (T^T)
Next month~!

On Sunday… It was really depressing… shall not talk about it much (=A=)
But I dressed up, put on makeup and all.. and decided I look like crap HAHA..
So I didn’t cosplay in the end…

Met up with YL, Yivon, Ning, taichou etc etc etc.
The highlight of my day was taking a pic with RY!! HAHAHAHA.
Fucking hilarious!

I bought famous amos cookies for myself and came home to this:

Thanks mum!

Next on my wishlist, besides more mooncakes, bags, dresses etc:

Love cuffs!! (=333=)

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