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happy halloween

Today I celebrated Halloween “tradition” with my pumpkin-carving buddies!

Crashed Steve’s place!
Joson picked us up! Yay!
And Kelda, bless her heart (and Ken’s!) lugged 8kg worth of pumpkins over!!

Face of utter shag-ness!
Slept at 4am!
Couldn’t sleep at all!

Digging and carving!

I like my pumpkins clean! Cause I think it will be gross if all the insects came in.
Kels and Steve were being lazy assholes! Hahaa.
And kept saying it was a nice spooky effect. (=_=)

After which, we dragged poor shushu for prata.
Like inception, planted a thought in Joson’s head!
Majority wins oh yeah!

After which we went for Ben & Jerry’s~
The place was so cute, decorated in halloween spirit!

In the end, I took back not one, but two pumpkins!

I went back to scoop out more pulp from Kel’s and Steve’s pumpkin, but it was too much and too troublesome..
I gave up halfway!

Displayed it at the yard:

My maid went to take a picture with the pumpkins haha.
I later turned it outwards to face passerbys.

Told my maid to dispose of the pumpkins tomorrow morning.
Super sure all the bugs will be happily eating it. GROSS!

Anyways, hope you had a pleasant halloween !  (^_^)
Hope to throw a party next year / attend a costume gathering!

One more week till my last week of work.
Oh yeah!

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won’t stop

won’t stop.
can’t stop.
even if you beg me to.
i’m tired of defending this hobby.
say what you want.

in other news…
damn i need to start on my other cosplays soon, if not my wigs / other shit will just be rotting D8

1. Len [outfit]
2. Baidou [outfit, prop]
3. Miku (don’t worry not the green haired version, so your eyes are spared!) [everything =_=]
4. Konan [every time i see the wig, i just sigh :/]
5. Kagura [prop!]
6. Seras [wig + prop]
7. Saitou [everything]
8. BGS [prop]
9. Date [missing some shit here and there]
10. Kirashishou [maybe I’ll give this yet another shot hmmmzzz]
11. Ciel -for 2012 with RD- [everything but the wig HA]
12. Panty [just waiting]
13. Opal [everything plus lots of $$ required (;___;)]
14. Mii-chan! [outfit]
15. NEPTUNE! [re-alter outfit + props]

Charas that just need a shoot:
1. Takasugi
2. Seijuu / Riku
3. Alois [after i find another pair of shorts and my ring.. and lace up those boots]


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I think baking can be therapeutic…
Everyone should try it.
Find an easy recipe.
Measure, mix, bake, eat, drink, relax.

I always wanted to run a cafe.

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i :( mondays

Need to get this shirt.

I’m slowly slowly losing it.

3 more weeks.

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just a quick update…

In Riko’s news for September.. (although it’s October now)

My TV lives!!

Although it was sad, because I plugged in my PS3 and then realised the Catherine demo is no longer available for DL :/

Anyways, I’ve been really… feeling HMMMM.. recently.
Bouts of depression which I think it’s shit coz I’m no longer a teenager!
I shouldn’t be emo and all that crap.
But I really feel a void in my chest I wonder if I got too angry, some parts of my soul exploded.

ANYWAYS enough whining!
Did a cos-test the other day since I was too sad to do anything haha.
By the time I was done, it was in the evening so lighting was really bad.

I tried snapping some pics on my camera but my hands got tired HAHA.
Damn really need to kidnap my bro’s camera, remote and stand!

Anyways taken by the iPhone with the lousy camera for you to “facetime” haha :


Not too happy with the eye-makeup.
And with my lack of awesome bandaging skills.
Wished I paid more attention in first aid class! ORZ
And damnn my face’s fat haha!

I’m on a diet now but I still am binge eating when I get really depressed.
Really bad… argh :(

Really worried about AFA now X____x;;;

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