won’t stop

won’t stop.
can’t stop.
even if you beg me to.
i’m tired of defending this hobby.
say what you want.

in other news…
damn i need to start on my other cosplays soon, if not my wigs / other shit will just be rotting D8

1. Len [outfit]
2. Baidou [outfit, prop]
3. Miku (don’t worry not the green haired version, so your eyes are spared!) [everything =_=]
4. Konan [every time i see the wig, i just sigh :/]
5. Kagura [prop!]
6. Seras [wig + prop]
7. Saitou [everything]
8. BGS [prop]
9. Date [missing some shit here and there]
10. Kirashishou [maybe I’ll give this yet another shot hmmmzzz]
11. Ciel -for 2012 with RD- [everything but the wig HA]
12. Panty [just waiting]
13. Opal [everything plus lots of $$ required (;___;)]
14. Mii-chan! [outfit]
15. NEPTUNE! [re-alter outfit + props]

Charas that just need a shoot:
1. Takasugi
2. Seijuu / Riku
3. Alois [after i find another pair of shorts and my ring.. and lace up those boots]


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