happy halloween

Today I celebrated Halloween “tradition” with my pumpkin-carving buddies!

Crashed Steve’s place!
Joson picked us up! Yay!
And Kelda, bless her heart (and Ken’s!) lugged 8kg worth of pumpkins over!!

Face of utter shag-ness!
Slept at 4am!
Couldn’t sleep at all!

Digging and carving!

I like my pumpkins clean! Cause I think it will be gross if all the insects came in.
Kels and Steve were being lazy assholes! Hahaa.
And kept saying it was a nice spooky effect. (=_=)

After which, we dragged poor shushu for prata.
Like inception, planted a thought in Joson’s head!
Majority wins oh yeah!

After which we went for Ben & Jerry’s~
The place was so cute, decorated in halloween spirit!

In the end, I took back not one, but two pumpkins!

I went back to scoop out more pulp from Kel’s and Steve’s pumpkin, but it was too much and too troublesome..
I gave up halfway!

Displayed it at the yard:

My maid went to take a picture with the pumpkins haha.
I later turned it outwards to face passerbys.

Told my maid to dispose of the pumpkins tomorrow morning.
Super sure all the bugs will be happily eating it. GROSS!

Anyways, hope you had a pleasant halloween !  (^_^)
Hope to throw a party next year / attend a costume gathering!

One more week till my last week of work.
Oh yeah!

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