just do it!

So I finally quit my job as of last Friday! WOOTWOOT.
Good timing too, cause I would be totally dead for AFA since I’m so busy!

I re-watched P&S and found a lot of tiny details I had missing!
So I went to grab everything today!

Also met Calvin for lunch yumyum~

Rushed home to continue with my props, found a fatal flaw…
If I have to re-do the badge again, I’m gonna cry haha.

Will go out to buy spray paint.. Please have it in gold kudasai!
Besides rushing (ok not really) I’ve been catching up on all the anime goodness !
I really wish Ao no exorcist has a season 2, please please please! (;___;)

And for the first time  in my life, I want to cos a character I would never even think to cos hahaha!
He has a beard, and is whacky etc.
I will never get a BF this way, seriously HAHAA!

I also want to do Amaimon… what’s more it’s the same “image” I want to do of Mephisto…
Oh dear… should I just do both and PS together? HAHA *bricked*

Will do some cos-test tmr if I have the time to!
I don’t want to stress out on Friday.
I really have to focus and concentrate ! (T___T)
If not I will really fuck up on AFA!

Can’t wait to see everyone there! (=3=)
Hope to make some new friends too!

Will post more after AFA~ Keke!


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