AFA progress part deux

My BGS sword~ Unwrapped!
Did a touch-up of the paint job today…

Chopped like half of my wig D8
Too fucking lazy to try it back on.. so I’m just crossing my fingers that it would be ok!

I also did a makeup cos-test for Panty as I was planning to chop the wig…

But realised it suited me perfect, so no need to cut 8D
I know you must be thinking, WOW, U’RE SO VULGAR!
Panty IS a vulgar character. That’s why I fucking love her haha.
I just hope I stay in character tomorrow.
Will try not to flash the finger when there’s kids.

To be honest…
I think if you don’t watch the series, you might think I’m some kind of kinky hooker in a police outfit. HAHA.
Not sure how my parents are going to let me out of the house tomorrow. Haha.
I only requested transport for Sunday coz of the fucking sword!
Hope they just quickly leave the house early tomorrow!

Actually if I see my ex-colleagues tomorrow, I might be super paiseh haha!!

My ex-colleague thought I dyed my hair… (=A=)

Haha. My hair is in a fucking mess though damnnn!
Gotta get it fixed!

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