Panty and Stocking at AFA2011 Day 2

I’m too lazy to blog about AFA!
So I’ll split it into 2 posts ! Haha.

Day 2: Saturday!
I keep calling it Day 1, but WHATEVER.

Was super late in meeting my partner, Yui-chan, who was my Stocking !
I’m so sorry! So many complications came up! Including an annoying younger brother!

My parents sent me to the event yeah!
They were actually not very pleased with my cosplay haha. I don’t blame them.
What was embarrassing was that my grandma came to my place this morning ORZ
But she didn’t say much and said that I looked like a foreigner ! Haha! PHEW!

Finally reached at about 12.45?
With Yui:

Yui chan was really nice and waited for me before going into the event hall (>_<)

I called Calvin to get my complimentary ticket!
KECHI! Apparently he couldn’t get me more tickets (T^T)
But super thanks Calvin!!

We went around the event hall and were swamped by so many photographers!

I saw soooooo many of my ex-colleagues too!
It was great!
Some of them couldn’t recognise me at all! Haha.

I also met my president ORZ how embarrassing ! haha.

But here is my VERY VERY nice colleague!
He was taking care of LiSA!!!

Because Yui is a fan of Kaname, I went around asking everyone if they knew where he was, Otsuki-san dragged both of us to the backstage holding area DDDDDD8 to look for him but kaname was no where to be found!!

But thank you so much for the effort Otsuki-san! m(___)m

I also met a lot of weird perverts at AFA2011.
But I’m not going to complain cause it’s kinda “asking for it” in some way when you’re dressed like that?

But WTF fella, blatantly hitting on me while staring at my boobs ain’t earning you much points ! (even though you were kinda cute)

We were also invited to go on JapanCon TV!
Koike-san was also there ! Haha.

Then later we were pressured to go onto Nico Nico Douga live stream!
It was funny! Thank you everyone for their kind and warm comments when we were on!
I’ve seen other live streams, and the comments weren’t nice at all!
We had a lot of marriage proposals and what not haha! Thank you so much!
Someone asked us to turn around also!
I’m like huh?! haha.
But we did it anyway!

The NND hosts kept misunderstanding us!
One of thme said “Oh, Pantry and stocking?”
I made a funny story with Yui ~
I’m Pantry and she is the Kopi Sock HAHA!

Left to meet Yee Long, Foo and Rhoda!

Here’s smexy Rhoda:

She had this really funny old man come up to her to talk about ancient Japan and what not! Haha!
Seriously hilarious!!
He was a weird fart seriously.
I could see how hard Rhoda was tolerating to not smack him.

And when he took a pic with us.. SI RHODA TOOK TWICE!
I had to stand there with his hand on my bare back for so long omggggg ORZ

More pic spam!:

Photo by : Test Fire Zone 
Really like this pic for some reason!

Photo by: Ah Foo!
Thanks! I love this pic too!

Photo by: Yee Long 

Finally full body:

Photo by: Mario Chua

I also took a pic with Beel-bo!!!!!! KYA!
SO MANY people had the beelzebub paper bag and I wanted it too!
Just didn’t know where to get it!
I finally asked a nice person who had taken a photo of us and they told us to just take a pic with Beel-bo~
So we queued for it like excited girls! (OK maybe it’s just me? haha)

Beel-bo was so cute!
After taking a photo, he kept asking for my number hahah!
I really want it! I hope Animax posts it up! Pls pls pls! (T__T)

Actually throughout AFA, half the time I felt like a mascot person haha!
Because so many people took a pic with us and there was like a queue hahaa! But I’m very flattered!
Sometimes though, we were too tired and wanted to slip away without making eye contact… to no avail D8

After Yui left, I went another round to say goodbye to my colleagues ~ Spent a great deal talking to them keke~
Didn’t take many photos though (.___.);;

Then met Foo and Yee Long for TCC dinner~
Found out that my Rilakkuma ghost charm was disfigured!
I’m so sad (T_T)
But oh well (.___.);; SIGH.
I think I can finally say I’m happy with my cosplay of a girl.. HAHA!
And also recently I don’t feel like my standard is up to par, so yeah, I felt good about Panty (^_^);;
I can’t wait for a private shoot!!

I know a lot of people didn’t think AFA was fun, but it’s all about the experience really and who you were with?
Will blog about the last day tomorrow~

If anyone has more pictures of us, please let me know! Even if it’s pics of us and someone else~~~~ (^3^)


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