Seiju at AFA2011: 13.11.11

First more Panty & Stocking:

Photo: Eileen Seah

Photo: Sweemin Hyuuga

Okkkkk so…
On Sunday, I was supposed to go as BGS, but the plan fell through when my knee guards fell apart (;A;)
Seriously thanks Yee Long for listening to me being upset the whole morning !!

Our group of 6 dwindled down to only 1 person! Cherilyn!
My gawd! She was so impressive seriously! AND SO SO CUTE!! (*______*) *squeal*
Seriously wanted to go down on my knees and beg for forgiveness for failing her.

Anyways I decided to pull out my male DOLLS uniform from the abyss that is my closet.
Quickly slapping on a different makeup and all the small lil accessories, I was ready to go!

Met YL who thankfully decided to change his mind, and go for the event with awesome flash!
I helped to test the lighting test and it’s seriously the best picture ever HAHAH!

Later we went to Level 6 for a short “shoot” :


OMAKE, coz it was a lighting test again:


Later we met Ning, Bren, Shawn, Jerome (I think??) etc~
We went to help saikang a bit for Cherilyn too!

Also met Chad from supermerlion who was covering AFA ~
Went around the area, met some more colleagues etc~
We happened to walk by the AKB shop and the 2 AKB girls were working there~

Had awesome muffin delivery from Ning!
And also badges from Shawn! WOOT!

We helped saikang a bit for Cherilyn!
Took omake shots:

I realised there was this weird dude behind us over dinner, then stupid YL went to brighten that dude’s face!
As such the pic looks like that ^ (.__.);;

Didn’t camwhore with everyone else though *sobs*
Wasn’t in my best mood after the failure of today’s cosplay!

Saw pretty impressive cosplays and some really sad ones :/
Also saw crazy fans dancing around on 1 of the levels… freaked me out man.. :/

Supported Shawn etc on NND!
All the comments were so cute!
But before that, angela suddenly came on NND too!
Right infront of us! <3 I don’t know much about them but they were SERIOUSLY cute!!!
After angela came on, Kaname and Usagi came on too!
Gotta give kudos to Kaname for being in character all the time! Maybe that’s why he is so popular haha.
Usagi is just so freaking skinny! D8 When she was sucking in her tummy stretching, I could see all her ribs man!
When she smiled at us whoa,super dokidoki! But I’m not a huge fan of her yet.

After that, off! Off to dinner finally with Nicole, Christopher and Shane~
By this time, my feet = WANT TO DIE!
We went to Ootoya~ Yeah!
Created more memories / traumatising moments with everyone haha~!

Didn’t change out of my costume before dinner, so I was stripping in the restaurant HAHA!
While waiting for mum, I decided not to shock her and went to change after bumping into Chad and crew again~ haha.

And whilst carrying my jacket, someone asked if my uniform is from the Chinese military.
I’m like “WTF?!!!” and he gave me this really shit-faced look of disgust.

All in all, I think it was a good day although I felt like utter crap in the morning for failing (T_T)
We should be shooting in December! So please watch out for photos then!
This time all SIX of us will show up!
I’m going to use this time to cut my boots shorter, re-do my horns and knee guards (T___T)

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